Cherie and Mike's Children

Here are just a few images of our children.

This is an early sonogram taken at 20 weeks. The baby was not in the right position for a profile view.
WAV file Here is the sound of our 1st baby's hearbeat recorded at the doctor's office at 26 weeks. This worked on Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 .
Say hello to our new baby boy in 2003, Thomas Michael!
Thomas goes with Daddy to a car show in May 2005. Yes I put the child safey seat in my Spitfire! Thomas was almost 2.
Thomas relaxes in the armchair in March 2007. He is 3 now.
Sonogram image of our 2nd child on the monitor.
Daddy and baby Sherry Michelle during her first week home.
Thomas and Sherry ready for bedtime in March 2007 when Sherry is 5 months.