1974 Spitfire 1500 parts car is now SOLD!!

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1974 Spitfire

rusted through rockers

hole in floor under the frame side brace

my 4 car shop BEFORE buying a Triumph 2000 sedan

Parts For Sale!!

In 2003, I bought a 1974 Spitfire after a club member spotted it and called me. I intended to restore this 1974 Spitfire, but life events and a bodywork expert convinced me that this car had far too much bodywork rusted away to restore it. I'm told that the cost of labor repairing this car far exceeds the value of restored Spitfires. I guess that I just hated the thought of seeing another Spitfire dismantled for it's parts when it's not wrecked. It should not have been left outside for nine years by the previous owners.

The rocker panels were totally rusted through on both sides. There were also two holes on the floor pans under the frame brace. This is the part that is under your knees when sitting in the seats. Because I have bought a Triumph 2000 sedan as a "Family Triumph", I really have no time to restore this car even if it could be.

The car was mostly complete except for the missing rear bumper and radiator. (..and part of it's body rusted away!) I sold lots of parts from this car during 5 years.

On May 2nd 2009, I hauled what was left of the car to a junkyard for salvage at Kiker's Auto Recyclers and Salvage in Pensacola and was placed next to an MG Midget. I needed it out of my backyard and off of my trailer where I dragged it onto for removal of the overdrive transmission.

Not much was left on the car which is why I hauled it off. I put a hood (bonnet) on it from a '72 and I kept this '74 car's hood. I was tired of having the junker in my backyard. I'm sure my neighbors were happy. :-)

I still have lots of parts on the shelf that were removed from this car and from other places. Simply email me with what you need and I'll see if I have it.
Parts that were sold from this '74 Spitfire 1500:
  1. Radiator
  2. Seats, seat hardware, seat belts
  3. Brake and clutch master cylinder
  4. rear-view mirror, interior
  5. door handle, driver's exterior
  6. convertable top frame
  7. front bumper
  8. front bumper underriders and brackets
  9. all 4 side marker light/lens assemblies
Parts that I removed from a '72 Spitfire Mk4 and are easily available in my shop:
  1. differential
  2. anti-roll bar
  3. seats (one missing the slider rail bracket)
  4. entire hood (bonnet), here
  5. driver's door
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