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Spitfire Parts For Sale!

Location: Pensacola, Florida 32526

Email me with offers and questions.

Last changed: Saturday, August 18, 2007

In my large collection of spare parts and those "donated" to the cause, this page will show parts that I'm willing to sell.

PAYMENT: PayPal only! You can use a credit card through PayPal if you do not have a PayPal account to your checking account. Prices in USA funds. Watch out for scams that offer you more than your car/part is worth.


  • Heavy items will be packaged/crated and shipped by Craters and Freighters in Pensacola (850-429-9500). After you send payment to me for the item, I will bring the item to the company. Then you call this company to pay them directly for packing and shipping. They ship via UPS.
  • Light items will be packed and shipped by me. I will estimate shipping cost on the FedEx website and request payment from you for the item and the shipping. I will usually use FedEx unless you request UPS. I have found that FedEx is usually less expensive than UPS. The FedEx/Kinko's store is farther from my home than the closest UPS store, but this will save you money on light items.


  • Because I have young children, please be patient when emailing me about parts. If you ask me about a part, don't go looking elsewhere for the same part without giving me time to respond. Our modern era of instant communications has spoiled us. We want everything now and we don't want to wait for anything.


  • I have decided that I will list parts on Ebay when I have removed and in a box already. This is because I have not had time to remove parts when the request comes in and by the time I get it weeks later the person has found it somewhere else. So I'll link to the Ebay page from here but only when I'm ready to get one out.
    1974 Spitfire parts. per part in US fundsWith relectance, I have deceided to sell parts from the '74 Spitfire I "rescued" in 2005. The previous owner had let it sit in his ex-wife's backyard for eight years. It was about to head for the junkyard, but a friend happened upon it and told me. I intended to restore it, but I have been educated that nobody would want to restore a Spitfire with that much body rusted out. I also have too many things going on with my baby and 4-year-old! I am keeping the overdrive transmission, but email me with requests for other parts. Pictures
    Spitfire transmission parts of Victoria British priceI was given these transmission parts a few years ago without the case. I have never rebuilt a gearbox before so I don't know much about which part goes where. If you want one of these, help me identify what it is and what it looks like, then I'll take a picture of just that part and email it to you to verify that's the one you want. gearbox parts

    I have more parts that I might be willing to "part" with. :-) Email me and I'll let you know what I have and if I'll sell.

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