Mike's Triumph Spitfire:
Thirty Seven Years of Fun!

Spitfire 1500 Fun & Repairs during 2006 & 2007

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my spitfire at new orleans 2006 At the New Orleans British Car Day 2006. Trailered to Mom's house in Slidell and driven the remaining 35 miles to the show site. Photo by Bill Moseley.[March 2006]
Mike's Spitfire at PBCA 2006 PENSACOLA BEACH BRITISH CAR SHOW My club's show was again on Pensacola Beach, Florida, and back to our usual location next to the water tower. We had over 100 cars registered this year and three other Spitfires arrived (unlike last year). Special thanks to Doug Kirkley of Tuscaloosa, AL and Bill Newman of Ft.Myers, FL who both travelled far to attend our show. PLEASE consider and try to attend our show in April 2007 with your Spitfire or GT6. You will not be disappointed at our show. Please click here for my club's website where you will find details and pictures from our show. We give a free dinner Friday night to welcome you to Pensacola Beach and have night security at the hotel parking lot for the weekend. [April 2006]
I brought my friend William in my Spitfire to the European Car Show at the National Museum of Naval Aviation, NAS Pensacola. Yes, I let him drive on the way back home because we've been friends since high school. This show has members from my Panhandle British Car Association, the South Alabama British Car Club, the Porcshe club, the Rare-Air VW club, the BMW club, and there was also one Ferrari this year. More pictures from this event are here. [May 2006]
The next weekend was the Shriner's Benefit Antique Car Show at their Hadji Temple in north Pensacola, not far from my neighboorhood. This is also a nice local show to attend among the shade trees of their property. Although this year I was disappointed that the judges did not spend much time or even looked at the entire car while reviewing the British class. They choose three MGTF's for placements over a beautiful $83k 1956 Jaguar XK140! More pictures from this event are here. [May 2006]
My club had a event at a member's automotive shop where we viewed his classic car collection and then drove to his house on the FL/AL bay for a afternoon of food and friends. Another Spitfire owner came and I took these pictures. This is a 1975 1500 that is only on it's 2nd owner. The color is French Blue. Look for this car on this website in the future... More pictures from this event are here.[August 2006]
1.) My wife had our 2nd child this month! We have a baby girl to add to our 3-year-old boy.

2.) I have bought this 1975 Spitfire 1500 from a guy in my club who owned it for over 5 years. He bought it from the original owner who kept all repair receipts plus the original sales receipt and the original owner's manual from when the car was bought new in 1975! I bought this car for my niece but she does not get it until she graduates from high school (if her grades are above the agreed level), so I will "play" with this Spitfire until then. [October 2006]

Year 2007

Triumph Spitfire Triumph Spitfire At the New Orleans British Car Day 2007, my Spitfire received 3rd in the Spitfire/GT6 class. 1st and 2nd were both won by GT6's, so you could say that I had the best Spitfire. I did not trailer the car all the way to the show site. Because of our two children, I had to trailer the car to my Mom's house in Slidell, but I unloaded the Spitfire there and drove it the remaining 35 miles to Delgado College where this show is held. Pictures of my club's members at this show are on our club website here. [March 2007]
Spitfire at PBCA 2007 Spitfire row at PBCA 2007 My club's annual show was a success at our different location on a grass park on Pensacola's Bayfront Parkway. We had 107 cars registered of which 102 cars arrived and 5 cars that did not (including my 1966 Triumph 2000 that I had thought I would be able to bring). There were eight Spitfires and GT6 cars attending. I was happy to see two GT6 cars arrive from different states outside Florida! One Spitfire is a race car that was entered in the "Modified" class and received 3rd place. The "Spitfire/GT6" class winners were: 1st place (tied) Anne Friloux '72 GT6 Mk3 & Janet Lovett '79 Spitfire, 2nd place to Tommy Boudreaux '78 Spitfire who drove all the way from New Iberia, LA. 3rd place went to my '77 Spitfire. Thank you to all Spitfire and GT6 drivers who attended. Please return for our show next year! [April 2007]
I know of five other Spitfires in the local Pensacola area, one of which is my blue '75 that I did not have another driver for. If I did and if the other four could have arrived plus a Spitfire that could not make it due to differental problems, then we would have had 14 Spitfire/GT6 cars! IF you can make this show, please do and you will have a good time. Pictures from this show and past years shows plus our other activities are here.
My club had an event at Pensacola's Five Flags Speedway, a half-mile track for racing different classes of stock cars. We were allowed to get on the track and pass by the stands as the announcer spoke our names and cars to the crowd. Once on the track, we had to stop for a few minutes before being allowed to go past the stands. While waiting, I took a few pictures. Then we went around the track, they announced us, and then they let us park in a special place near the stands to watch the races in reserved seating near our British cars. It was fun to be on the track even though we couldn't go very fast. I'm glad that we were able to do this and hope to do it again next year! [June 2007]

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