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This is my personal KOXBOX homepage

This page is dedicated to the people who trust in trance and who fight to keep trance music clean and out of the wrong public hands

The Psychedelic Trance Ring
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KOXBOX consists of two guys: Peter Candy and Frank madsen And together with their studio producer and sometimes band member Ian Ion

Koxbox met in 1980, the two guys Frank and Peter was playeying in a rock band, They both play guitars.
They both had a weakness for the new style, electronic music, performed by Kraftwerk and other 70's anf 80's bands. and about 1989 they had a radio program at GAGA radio, and they played techno.
Some people wrote them some letters about what kinda, KOX music this was, this later turned into the name of KOXBOX.

They have released two albums until now and both of them became major successes, not only on the psychedelic market but also among other techno and electronic music lovers

Their first 12" vinyl release was realed on WTP (where is the party records) Label: WTP0004. This release contains three tracks: side one: Crystal and orientalic (original version) and side 2: world of illusions...

The track "World of illusions" is one of the many superb tracks that koxbox has made throughout time.. it is a chill tracks but with the originality and great sound of koxbox... Listen to it,,, you will be suprised..

Koxbox has also gotten alot of non-album released,, alot of their best tracks only excist on various collections, such as The first orange TIP singles and on SUN trip. Some of these tracks are: Fuel On (a great track, also used in the danish motion picture of pusher), Re-oscillated lives on a collection by TIP. Also on a collection called CYBERWORLD there is a track by koxbox called "Echoes of dawn" an alot harder track than what koxbox usually produce... This track produced, written and mixed by koxbox, without the use of Ian "OR"Ion. CYBERWORLD is alos limited to 500 copies of vinyl and just as many cd's.
Also KOXBOX has just like so many other psy-trance acts made some ambient tracks, or at least a lot of acts try to. But KOXBOX made one called "Ambivalentino" used in the motion picture of pusher. Used in a scene where the main characters move through a chill out area at a trance party.

Ambivalentino is with my eyes a very cool track, but yet it is only 1 and a minut long it's still one of my favourite tracks to play in my DJ' set whenever I need alittle fill in time.

Their first album was released in 1995, getting the title "Forever after", see tracklist or discographi for tracklist (doo), released on The now legendary label of HARTHOUSE, getting the label HH LP 012, this record contains several extremely good tracks especially Space traveller, Neurobic and Space interface. Listen to them at the Mp3 area. All tracks on "Forever after" is mixed by KOXBOX and Ian Ion. but all the tracks are written without help of Ian Ion. See the Ian Ion page for more info. Track 8 called "Loads of Flow" is remixed by cwitche, another BlueRoom Act, but still it is produced by koxbox and cwitche, so the tracks gets alittle more hardbeatet sound than the others..

Second Album was waiting for with excitement. See Discographi and tracklist for more details. after the major success of "Forever After", "Dragon Tales" Was realesed with hope. "Dragon Tales" released in 1997 on the now great label of BlueRoom Released. geeting the label BRO58LP, but was released in scandinavia on the scandinavian Record label "Orange Records" getting the Label: ORCD 54234. Before "Dragon Tales" was released, one 12" vinyl piece and cd came out by the name of stratosfear. and one 10" vinyl piece was also released with the title "Birdie" also known as "Pip-fugl". These two singles did a great job before the actual record of "Dragon tales" was released. The album itself does not contain any of theese tracks but only a twistede version of "stratosfear" called "Stratosfierce 2001"

Listen to them at the MP3 area.

"Dragon Tales" became very popular among young trance and techno fans, but still alot of people did not like it, due to it's failure to reach the heights of "Forever After", this made the next release devestating for Koxbox. By the name of "TOO pure" the single was release on 12" vinyl and cd.. the cd containing three tracks, one more than the 12". See tracklist or discographi for more info. "Too pure" was a good single giving a whole new aspect of koxbox,, they tried this time with more twisted sounds and the result was superp.. All thought koxbox's problem still is that the remixes on their singles by other acts are usually getting more popular than the original track.. example of "Too pure" the TIP remix got way more attention than the original track. also the "[life IS] single from the "Dragon Tales" album suffered from this problem, when the X-Dream remix became way to popular seen with my eyes. The "Too Pure" was released on Blueroom Released just as "Dragon Tales" getting the label: BRO30.

The "[life IS....]" single was also released on Blueroom released. containing not the original track but a "master mix" of the track from "Dragon Tales". The other track on the 12" is a remix of the track by x-dream. which is actually pretty good, but never reaches the height of the original one, seen with my eyes... Feel Free To DisAgree at Freeflower's Email. [Life IS]was just like the to previous singles released on BlueRoom Released. getting the Label BRO55 now all tracks on this one are both written and produced by KOXBOX and Ian Ion. Which now makes Ian Ion a band member.

KOXBOX also made music for a danish motion picture called Pusher, Starring Kim Bodnia. The tracks used for the soundtrack is Fuel On -- Midnight Till The End (Produced especially for the movie) -- Ambivalentino..
These tracks are used in a scene where the Kim Bodnia is at a party, looking for some people to sell drugs too. First he enters the main scene and you see a glitch of
KOXBOX playing, and they play Fuel On, now he moves on a goes into the chill area and this is where Ambivalentino is played, and you get the feeling of this beeing a real chill-out area, and not one of the usual boring ones.
He sells some drugs and goes outside with his girlfriend, some trouble come up and
Midnight Till The End is played and you can feel the tense and anger in the track as it is produced especially for the movie.

Bad news: In the crease of KOXBOX's friends and other people it is now videly known that KOXBOX will never be the same again, unfortunatly Peter and Frank just ain't getting along or they just ran out of ideas,
This is very sad as one of the milestones in Danish trance has now disappeared.

Koxbox, is still my favorite band and their next release is long awaited. but problems between the band members might make the next release a fantasy thing. Yet they have released their first album "Forever After" three times. The first one in 1995, the second one in 1998 as a supplement to their already great discographi. "Forever after" has just recently been released again in 1999. only on 12" 180 gram vinyl. The new 12" contains three tracks from the old forever after album, Insect and Insect Bit (split mix), Space Interface and Loads Of Flow (molecular mix) made in coorperaion with Cwitche.

Dance to trance
Trust in trance
Rest in trance

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