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The Birthright Links Page



 I would like to expand this page to include a lot of our pages.

Please if you like your page added please write Bryon Switala


Updated March. 19, 2003




Download from these sites
Greek Mirror
USA Mirror
Chech Mirror





Reign of Fire
Set in Anuire. Cool Map page


Innocense Lost
Another game set in Anuire. Alot of openings


Leicester Birthright PBeM 2
New Game from the people that brought you le_br


Ruins of Empire
I do believe this game is active and has openings.

In the Shadows of Deismaar

PBeM using Birthright 3rd Edition rules-Year 558MR.


Lands of the Holy Suns

Run by Solymr…excellent DM, get in if you can

The Mists of Avalon II (Non-BR World, but using BR System)
I think this is still active


Heir of the Fallen Empire II

Was an excellent first run, looking forward to this one.




Official Birthright Page
A must see page, the future of Birthright starts here.

Brazilian Birthright Yahoo Group
I group for players from Brazil to talk about our favorite game.


World of Enothril
What a great world. I am so jealous that Solymr has the time and the knowledge to create awesome games in his world. Still good for information on Solymr’s world.


An excellent page.

Lawgiver's Chambers
New ideas for Birthright, check it out.

Taeghas Sourcebook
Players creation

Doom’s BR Storage
Birthright 3e download and other goodies.

The Taelshore
A Players creation

The Imperial Archive
Pretty interesting stuff, a DM/Players creation.

The Jade Empire
An attempt at a Campaign Setting, I hope the crew lends a hand and we make this work.

Oriental Message Board
The message board for the Oriental Birthright Setting. Visit and give your idea.

BirMail PBeM computer organiser
Birthright Computerised Campaign Manager. A program to help run Birthright campaigns.


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