Greeting and Welcome
This is my Working Projects Page.
I have been doing alot of different things since I started this page.
Since last we talked I have actually entered the Ministry as a
Student Minister in the Wesleyan Denomination.

I am always doing alittle of this and alot of that, so please take a walk around for today and then come back tommorrow (or next week) for more.

The first step is always the hardest, where do you want to go? These are some of my likes and hobbies.

Group Inc.
Youth Pastor.Com
Josh McDowell's Page an outstanding Youth Speaker.

Classic Battle Tech
AD&D Birthright
My Birthright Pages
My Romulan Race Page
Ael'Thraiin A Romulan Warbird PBeM Sim (Defunct)
Maquis A Star Trek Page about the Rebel Maquis.
The Valjean. A Maquis Bird of Prey (Defunct)

Any Questions Write Me

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