The Bowie Vault

"and I'm gone, gone, gone, through a crack in the past."
I have an odd assortment of some interesting Bowie bits left over from my past newspages - I have decided to lock them away in a Bowie Vault. Some are for fun, some are for reference, some are just WEIRD and they are in no particular order. You may want to explore these for the odd and unusual: - Bowie press cuttings, chats, pictures, etc. I will be adding to the vault, as I find more interesting items, or create them myself!

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The Many Phases of Bowie

Love it, love it, love it!! A few years ago Bowie was on Late Night With Conan O'Brien and Conan tortured Bowie with these pics of his many phases: -

The Corn Phase, The Bucktooth Wizard Phase and the Hunchback Phase - man I miss them all!

Bowie's Tattoo

A few fans seem to be interested in this, so here's the pic I have of it. I have heard the tattoo is the Japanese Serenity Prayer and it has some bloke riding a dolphin with palm extended, frog in hand (Bowie and his frog references seem to go back to his start with Iman). Come to find out, the left photo is reversed, the tattoo is actually on his left leg (actual pic is on the right):-

Click on the left one for a larger view -
it's blurry but you can see what Bowie was describing.

Bowie Chats About hours

Host sailor says:
ok there is NO track on the next album called Englishwoman in New York

Host sailor says:
there is a track called Brilliant Adventure

Host sailor says:
Brill is a luverly instrumental, again with koto, that reeves and I did in the front room in Bermuda

Host sailor says:
Saltzburg untrue. My fav. two songs on album (this week) are 'If I'm dreaming my Life' and Thursdays Child.

Host sailor says:
believe me, I'm going to start putting little song clips up in my not too distant future. that means weeks, not months

Host sailor says:
thursdays child has far too go....though that line does not appear in the song. You're kind of meant to know the nursery rhyme

Host sailor says:
yes, electric, it is. Though it's also one of the first rhymes for children to be in print. about 1700 i think. it was contained in the original childrens primer called Mother Goose.

Host sailor says:
if you're interested here is the poem to the best of my memory:Mondays child is full of grace Tuesdays child is fair of face Wednesdays child is full of woe Thursdays child has far to go Fridays child is loving and giving Saturdays child works hard for a living.

Host sailor says:
but the child that is born on the sabbath day is bonny and lithe and happy and gay!!!!!

Host sailor says:
I LOVE reading to kids. I just simply become one. The escape I suppose. I had such importent questions then. My questions have gotten smaller as I've gotten bigger.

Chatlogs Page

Follow this link for some past Bowie chatlogs I have collected: Chatlogs Page

The Bowie Cat!

I think it's in the Cheshire Cat family: -

ok, ok, I created this one for my own amusement.

Bowie Look-A-Like? Article

This was too funny and I also submitted it to BNet, which they put up at the time: -

Click on this pic to read the article

THE Ugliest Bowie Pic Ever?

Found at e-bay, this has got to be the ugliest Bowie pic I have seen, for the attire if nothing else. It looks like he was trying to be cool, having just bounced the ball in mid air, then put his hands behind his back to look cool and act like it was magic! This pic makes me laugh - I imagine big-ass red platforms under those bellbottoms and sometimes to amuse myself, I play Ava Cherry's I Am Divine (sung by Bowie) and look at this pic - the song fits the picture perfectly!

See the red Bowie in all his funky glory by clicking on it

The Berklee Bowie pic (and the article)is also not so flattering, but only for bad facial expression. And of course the mohawk pic competes for this title as well: -

The Diamond Dogs Saga

Bowie had mentioned that he would like to find and purchase the original of the Guy Pelleart painting which came from the photo that was made of him and is featured in the Diamond Dogs album. Here are the pics, which I had sent into BNet:-

The painting The photo

Stick him on the wall and call it 'ART'!

To me, Bowie is 'art' incarnate so this idea occured to me one night and we had to entertain ourselves and came up with this (thanks to Starluck for her artistic abilities and Coldfyr's duct tape - accept no substitutes, Coldfyr's duct tape is ORIGINAL):-

I believe somewhere on
Coldfyr's site, she still has an animation of this, complete with wiggling toes! Heh, we get alot of creative ideas, fortunately(?), not all of them come to fruition. This is one that BowieNet didn't put up, by the way!

The Sheriff of Rockridge

Actually it is a Sheriff of Bowie County, Texas patch but I couldn't help the Blazing Saddle reference ("you must seduce and abandon the Sheriff of Rockridge!"): -

Duncan Article

In case you missed it, interesting article and pic on TW about the elusive Duncan Jones: -
Duncan article - wonder how he feels about his "cover" being blown (that must suck!)

Alexandria Appears!

- Congratulations to Bowie and Iman on their latest production, Alexandria Zahra Jones!

Read a newsarticle:
Eonline newstory: Bowie's Bouncing Baby Girl

See fab pics at Paul's site: - Bowie WonderWorld Alex pics


The long awaited Ben Stiller movie,
Zoolander to be released September 28th 2001, Bowie makes a cameo appearance in the film: -

Source: The Ben Stiller Shrine