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I heard the news today, oh boy!
In this section I will give my perceptions and perspective and information I have recently obtained, through chats, visiting sites, newsletters, and the like. This page is also to give solutions to some problems you may be having or just some interesting nugget you may not have found yet in the world of Bowie. If you need to rant or want to reply to any of my rantings, please sign my Guestbook!

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Upcoming Bowie Events Continued

In an effort to keep up with upcoming Bowie releases, etc., I will try and maintain this list at the beginning of each Newspage:-

  • 10-2-99 Saturday Night Live Appearance
  • 10-3-99 Modern Rock LIVE
  • 10-4-99 David Letterman Appearance
  • 10-5-99 The new album, hours, to be released.
  • 10-8-99 BNet Party & TFI Friday, Hammersmith, UK
  • 10-9-99 Wembley Stadium, UK - NetAid
  • 10-10-99 Dublin
  • 10-17-99 Libro Music Hall, Vienna, Austria
  • 10-18-99 9 p.m. EST - VH1 to re-air Legends: David Bowie
  • 10-18-99 10 p.m. EST - VH1 to air StoryTellers episode with David Bowie (AND IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!)
  • 10-18-99 11 p.m. EST - BRAVO channel to re-air Profiles: David Bowie
  • 10-21-99 5 p.m. EST - VH1 to re-air Legends: David Bowie
  • 10-22-99 12 p.m. EST - VH1 to re-air StoryTellers: David Bowie
  • 10-27-99 5 p.m. EST - VH1 to re-air StoryTellers: David Bowie
  • 10-28-99 8 p.m. - 10 p.m. WBN TV Channel to air WB Radio Music Awards Show, Las Vegas (starts at 5 p.m. PST)
  • 10-28-99 Iman guests on The Early Show with Bryant Gumbel AND the Rosie O'Donnell Show
  • 10-28-99 10 p.m. EST - VH1 to re-air StoryTellers: David Bowie
  • 10-29-99 12 p.m. EST - VH1 to re-air StoryTellers: David Bowie
  • 10-30-99 2 p.m. EST - VH1 to re-air Legends: David Bowie
  • 10-31-99 12 midnight EST - VH1 to re-air StoryTellers: David Bowie
  • October 1999 - The new book, Changes: David Bowie Songs 1970-1980 by Chris Welch, to be published by Carlton Publishing.
  • November 1999 Omikron game to be released (11-24-99?)
  • 11-1-99 ROCKLINE (1000th edition of the show!)
  • 11-9-99 Bowie Day on VH1
  • 11-10-99 Dublin HQ
  • 11-14-99 Elysée Montmartre
  • 11-16-99 Late-Night with Conan O'Brien
  • 11-17-99 Rosie O'Donnell Show
  • 11-22-99 MUSIQUE PLUS "GUEST ARTIST OF THE MONTH" (Montreal, Canada)


  • The David Bowie Archives and Esprit are giving away this month a copy of David Bowie's STRANGERS WHEN WE MEET UK PROMO CD. To enter the competition all you have to do is visit The David Bowie Archives website and click on the WIN A FREE CD link
  • Greg Lion is holding a lyric contest, where you name the song and album from 40 different sets of Bowie lyrics. The prize is a signed copy of Outside and the closing date is December 20th (the first person who emails him the correct answers is the winner).

    TFI & NetAid

    TFI pics

    If you look real hard, you can see me, AMan and Helen on the above pics! Bear with me a couple of days, I have tons to do to catch up and get pix scanned in for TFI and NetAid and the BNet Bash in Hammersmith! In the meantime, keep yourself entertained by checking out the following pics of the BNet Bash in Hammersmith: -

    Pics on Rednik's site
    Pics on Carl's site

    Update: -My TFI and UK BNet Party Pics are up! Check 'em out: TFI & UK Party Pics - I get my own back from Rednik's purple dildo (THE BLUE PETER!) pic of me! MUWHAHAHA!


    For TFI Friday 10/8/99: - Survive, China Girl, Rebel Rebel (although Survive is what aired on 10/8/99, the other songs may be appearing on TFI for a Christmas or New Years special, together with the Eurythmics performance we attended but was not aired).

    For NetAid 10/9/99: - Life On Mars, Survive, China Girl, Pretty Things Are Going To Hell, Drive In Saturday and Rebel, Rebel. My pictures at NetAid are up, click on the link:
    RaMOANa's NetAid Pics

    For Dublin 10/10/99: - Life On Mars, Thursday's Child, Can't Help Thinking About Me, Word On A Wing, China Girl, Repetition, Always Crashing In The Same Car, I Can't Read, Survive, Drive In Saturday, Changes - Encore - The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell, Seven, Rebel Rebel

    For Paris 10/14/99: - Life On Mars, Thursdays Child, Something in the Air, Word on A Wing, Can't Help Thinking About Me, China Girl, Always Crashing, Survive, Drive In Saturday, Changes, Seven, Repetition, I Can't Read, Pretty Things Are Going To Hell, Rebel Rebel. HOT! Read Marcel's Paris page for his write up and pics of Paris!

    For Vienna 10/17/99: - Life On Mars, Thursday's Child, Something In The Air, Word on A Wing, Can't Help Thinking About Me, China Girl, Always Crashing, Survive, Drive In Saturday, Changes, If I'm Dreaming My Life (FIRST TIME PERFORMED!), Repetition, I Can't Read, Pretty Things Are Going To Hell, Seven, Rebel Rebel. A small break was taken after I Can't Read and Bowie was chatty the whole time and said, "Oh our little show is nearly over!" Seems like he wanted to perform even more. Pictures of this event are up at Aki's site: Aki's Vienna Pics

    For Mark & Lard Show (Radio 1) - 10/25/99: - Survive, Drive In Saturday, Something In The Air (first time performed live), Can't Help Thinking About Me, Repetition. Slated for 3 or 4 songs, Bowie performed 5 and Survive was announced as the next single.

    For The WB Radio Music Awards - 10/28/99: - Thursday's Child and Rebel Rebel. See my write up below for more info.


    You can still go to:
    The Vienna Bowie Concert Webcast site and view the concert aired live yesterday (10/17/99) for the next 3 months! Click on the red G2 Haupt Server link at the bottom of the page and push your time arrow, once RealPlayer starts up, to about 12 minutes into the broadcast, for when Bowie starts. It's a much clearer picture and sound quality than when I watched it live yesterday!

    My Write Up On TFI Friday and NetAid

    Read all about it:
    TFI and NetAid

    Reeves Gabrels Site Is Open

    Somehow, when I wasn't looking, Reeves Gabrels' site opened and has all sorts of info and answers to questions by the God of Guitar. Check it out:
    Reeves Gabrels Official Site - you can sign up for their Guest List and be notified about the upcoming MP3 release album, Ulysses. I'm looking forward to it very much and the site states the new album to be released sometime this month! My wee opinion on Reeves is that he complements Bowie, gives the songs on Hours some necessary edginess and he was well missed at TFI and NetAid (sorry, but the other 2 guitarists don't add up to Reeves!)

    More Bowie Favoritism

    Doesn't it JUST SUCK!? US fans have been begging for any gig by Bowie in the US (more than likely in NY), and now rumours abound that he is doing a private gig at the Kit Kat Klub in NY on November 17th (he is supposed to do Rosie O'Donnell earlier that day as well). A fan rang up the Kit Kat Klub and was told by some snotty b***h that he would never get tickets, it was a private party and could not give him ANY information. I realize I am blowing my chances of even getting in to such an event by reporting this (AS IF! ha!) but here is what I posted on the BNet Newsgroup: -
    Seems a private DB party is happening 11-17 and we are not invited - Kit Kat Klub, NY

    and here we have been begging him for a US gig for the fans! Don't you think you owe us one on this side of the pond, Mr. B???? And one with more than 1 week's notice would be nice!

    Just aching for a full gig,

    Me - I just want the average US Bowie fan to be able to get to see a gig in the US, like the Vienna, Paris, etc. gigs! It seems a wing and a prayer and last minute anxiety is the only way to get to see a gig lately (maybe!)!

    Steph's (Electric Blue) FAB Bowie Pics from Radio 1 Show

    Steph lucked out BIG TIME and got these pics, some hugs and autographs from Bowie last Monday (10-25) at the Radio 1 Mark & Lard Show (these are the best pics yet!): -

    Steph's Mark & Lard Show Pics on Paul Kinder's Site

    Iman on Rosie and its a very Bowie tv day!

    Iman appeared on the Rosie O'Donnell Show today (10/28) to talk about her new fragrance and the cosmetic line she has (her new fragrance is available in stores now - try JC Penney). It was a humourous bit (again), with Rosie asking about her hair and if David liked it: -

    R: - "Iman! and your hair, look at that, only you could get away with that hair, anyone else would look like Bozo the Clown! you look gorgeous in that! (more banter)
    ...what does David think of it?
    I: - He treats it like a pet, he thinks it feels like a pet!
    R: - Does he name it? .... Fluffy?
    I: - yeh Fifi! *laffs*
    (new fragrance banter: - it has nutmeg, ginger, and sandalwood in it)
    R: - It smells like Morocco or something
    I: - I was in Morocco this summer, the only time David could take off, so we were there for 2 weeks. We had a really great time, but I wouldn't go shopping with my husband EVER EVER again!
    R: - Because?
    I: - I found out on this trip, we went to the market, and shopping for you know rugs and stuff like that (R: - oh that big open air market) exactly and he would haggle with everyone, on $2! We would be there the whole day haggling on $2 and I would say, I'll pay, just leave the man alone!
    R: - and it's not like David doesn't have any cash!
    I: - Oh he is just so bad but he said but you have to haggle, these people expect you to haggle, it's part of the fun. We get back to NY, we're in Soho walking around and you know those street vendors in Soho and he sees something he likes and just goes to the guy and wants to buy from him and he starts haggling! and I say David, it's not Morocco! This could be on, you know, page 6 tomorrow!
    R: - Exactly! (headline) Cheap David Bowie Loses It in Soho! exactly...He is a riot, how's he doing, his hair looks so adorable. he's got his long hair, you've got your big hair...
    I: -exactly
    R: - everything going good?
    I: - Everything is fantastic, couldn't be better.
    R: - What are you doing for New Years? You going to Bali or whatever it is?
    I: - Well I don't know, you know he's scared of flying and hears about the Y2k and the planes don't work and all that so he doesn't want to leave home, yeah, so he's really scared. So what are you doing?
    R: - Nothing! I'm going to Miami - wanna come?
    I: - Oh I might!
    R: - We'll go before and we'll stay through and if anything happens, we'll be there - we'll go on a boat or something!
    I: - exactly, exactly
    R: - I was at one of your houses - beautiful! You guys have such amazing taste. Remember, we did that movie, Exit to Eden - (looks at audience) horrible film, don't watch it
    I: - I don't know why she reminds people of this...but at least we met each other!
    R: - and I went to your house and you were the first rich person's house I was at! I remember looking around and going 'people live like this!?' You know you had like REAL paintings - you had the paintings of something that I had the POSTER of - I was like is that the REAL one? Because I have the poster of that! (points to self and yells 'LOSER')

    I will put up more after I have time to transcribe.....there's lots more! and hilarious at the end... BOWIE WAS ON JEOPARDY - the category on Double Jeopardy...and of course, DB himself is on The WB Show tonite (8 - 10 pm EST) Update: WB Radio Awards Show

    After receiving the Legend Award from Garth Brooks presenting, Bowie performed Thursday's Child and then closed the show with that fab current rendition of Rebel Rebel! All of the audience stood up when he received the award. They looked a bit dazed, however, during TC, but then even the old farts were groovin' and dancing when he sang Rebel Rebel. Bowie wore a yellow shirt, a crystal velvet jacket that was sort of red and black (red inside the black but shiny all over) and tight black pants...oooh ....so tight they were tucked into his Frankenstein boots. The girls were all dressed to the nines and Gail looked way funky in a gold glitter top hat, sparkly black minidress and thigh high boots! HOT! Bowie's performance was awesome, as usual, and he seemed to really 'get down' singing Rebel Rebel! It was GREAT! The funny part was after the credits and song, the whole thing ended with a blurb that said "and Elvis has left the building".

    Last updated 31st October 1999