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McFatter Television Production Information

Program Description

The Television Production Program offers students the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for initial employment in the television industry. Participants successfully completing the competencies involved in this 1650 hour program emerge as broadcast technicians with a wide range of skills enabling them to move into entry-level positions or higher at TV stations, production companies, cable systems, corporate video houses, or to pursue self-employment opportunities.

The Television Production Program provides competency-based instruction and specialized practical (hands-on) laboratory experiences enabling students to become proficient in the use of the camera and camera operations, audio and video control, lighting techniques, picture analysis through waveform/vectorscope monitoring, non-linear editing (Apple Final Cut Studio v7 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 on iMac Intel computers in five full editing suites, and each student has use of their own 27" iMac at their workstation), graphics, and control room/station operations. Program activities involve the use of broadcast cameras and emphasize basic and advanced set/staging design, audio and video methods, script formatting, taping, and directing/producing. Students will use studio and remote television cameras, and electronic news gathering (ENG) and electronic field production (EFP) equipment. Stressed also are preventative maintenance, scenery and prop building and maintenance, employability skills, math and science (as they relate to Television Production), reading and writing skills and Broadcast Law. Students must complete a portfolio to include a resume (both paper and video), samples of scripts and essays written and other pertinent items. As part of the curriculum, a program is in place with BECON (Broward Education Communications Network), the production facility of The School Board of Broward County, FL. and WBEC TV-63, Boca Raton/Ft. Lauderdale. Also, the program includes basic training in Adobe PhotoShop for use in non-linear programs.

Upon successful completion of the program competencies and hours, BECON work hours, and basic skills requirements, a Postsecondary Vocational Certificate of Completion will be issued. Ultimately, students complete this 1650 hour program through attendance of 25 hours a week (Mon-Fri 7:45am-1:15pm) or during the summer session, 30 hours a week (Mon-Fri 7:45am-2:15pm).To view the program competencies, click on the "State Curriculum Frameworks" link at the bottom of this page, then under "Secondary/PSAV Programs/Courses" go down to "Television Production" where you can download the .rtf file and convert to a PDF file.


The prerequisite is satisfactory scores on basic skills exam (math, reading, comprehension). Adequate computer (preferably Mac) and keyboarding skills. Interview with counselor and instructor and tour of program facilities.

Required Supplies

-(2) High Density Disks (number approximate)/$0.29 each
-(1) 1GB (or higher) Flashdrive (minimum)/$24.69 (or more) each
-(10) 60-minute mini-dv tapes/$5.35 each (minimum, amount varies) and (2) 128-minute DVCam tapes (minimum, amount varies)/$35.35 each
-(1) 250GB or larger external FIREWIRE (IEEE1394) or USB hard drive for use in non-linear editing. Pricing depends on size (average price for 250GB drive is $80.00)

Program Cost, Length and Course Breakdown

The total program cost is $4,632.00 or $1252.00 per 18 week semester and $626.00 for the 9-week summer quarter(compare that to thousands per quarter at some other institutions!). Students attend two semesters and one summer session per year until completion. It will take a minimum of 17 months (perfect attendance) or longer to complete the program. It is the intent of this program that the student continue from start to finish without taking any time off. The program continues year round including summers. During the summer quarter, a 6-hour program is also offered (7:45am-2:15pm).

As of June 2010, the TV Program was broken into four (4) courses. The first, RTT 05140, Studio Assistant is 450 hours in length. The second, RTT 05160, Studio Technician is 450 hours in length. The third, RTT 05180, Studio Tech/Edit Asst is 450 hours in length. The fourth, RTT 05200, Television Production/Edit Tech is 300 hours in length.


We are pleased to announce the addition of three (3) new Ikegami HC D57W Digital Cameras in studio configuration with Autoscript LCD TelePrompTers. This compliments our Sony Digital camera packages for remote applications. Also recently added was a Sony HVR-V1U Digital High Definition Camera and (2) Sony HVR-M15U High Definition Recorder/Players. Also added recently are 28 new Intel iMac 27" computers with a Final Cut Pro 7 site license, one for each student workstation. Added also were two Sony HVR-S270U High Definition camcorders with memory card units and one Sony DSR450WSL camcorder.

Beginning in 2012, each student will leave the program with a certification in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, Associate Level. McFatter Technical Center is an approved Adobe Testing Center.

Phone Numbers

School of Communication Arts = 754-321-5870

Frank Boulton/Lead Instructor = 754-321-5717

Gregory Duplessis/Instructor = 754-321-5888

James Morina/Program Counselor = 754-321-5840

Ellen Albano/Assistant Director = 754-321-5714

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