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If I Could Be Anything

If I could change from me and be
anything I would wish
I might grow gills and fins and scales
and turn into a fish,

So I could swim way down deep
across the ocean wide
and see how the water looks
from the underside.

Or I might be a 'possum named George
or a Kangaroo named sock-it,
A bonified marsupial
who hides things in my pocket. 

If I were a mighty  Eagle,
soaring way up high,
I would spot my dinner
and drop down from the sky

With talons sharp and strong
I would take my meal away
and eat it in the Eagle's lair,
up high where eagles stay.

I could grow a mane and tail,
to be a pony might be fun,
cause I could kick my heels and buck
and through my dinner run.

But when I'm through day dreaming
I would just as soon be me,
and snuggle up real close
on my daddy's knee.

                               Joyce Guy





This cute poem is written by my youngest daughter, Melissa Sanders.

Billy and the Critters

There once was a boy named Billy
Who liked to act very silly.
He played with the critters outside
He made them want to run and hide.

One day he encountered a bee
And thought he would hide to see
Just where it would stop to land;
He planned to grab it with his hand.

Boy, he sure got a big surprise
That bee stung him between the eyes!
He screamed as he ran fast inside
From that bee, he wanted to hide!

His eyes swelled until they were closed
So did his face and even his nose.
It hurt him so bad that he cried
And from all his friends he did hide.

Now when Billy goes out to play
He's careful each and every day.
To the critters he's learned to be kind
'Cause that bee sure made him blind.

Melissa Sanders 03-17-03

All rights reserved, © Molassis. Copying without permission for non-personal use is forbidden.


Cactus Joe was a prickly guy
Always questioning and asking ďWHY?Ē
His feeling got hurt at the least little things
He had no halo and no angelís wings.

His mother told him about Jesus one day
Then sent him out with his friends to play.
He decided if Jesus would really be his friend
Then his prickly feelings could come to an end.

So he gave all his heart to Jesus, Godís Son.
He joined the church and told everyone
That Jesus would take his prickles away
Which Jesus started to do that very day.

Cactus no longer was his nick-name
He never would ever be the same.
With a smiley face and a joyful heart
Cactus had made a brand new start.

He became easy to please and fun at his play
Making new friends every day
He was always kind and full of love
Becoming like his dear Savior above.

That is how ďCactusĒ lost his prickly spikes
And changed his attitude and things that he likes;
He is smooth and delightful, more like a rose,
The longer he lives and the older he grows.

Joyce Guy


Pistol Pete was a great big man,
His hair was curly and his face was tan;
Many a prayer went through his lips
A big pair of holsters he wore on his hips.

He pulled no punches, he fired big guns
And hit many an hombre on the run;
Prayers for others came from the right,
He prayed for his enemies with all his might.

He prayed for sinners to accept Godís Son,
And they came to Jesus one by one;
He prayed for the saints to be full of joy,
Every Mom and Dad, every girl and boy.

From the left he shot scriptures to all his friends
He knew his Bible from beginning to end.
Very few hombres got away,
When Pistol Pete began to pray.

Joyce Guy

Billy The Bear
Billy the Bear woke up from his nap
To see just what he could see
Through the meadow and down by the lake
And there saw a bumble bee!

It flew around a patch of daisies
And then right up to the sky!
The bee was gone and Billy looked 'round
As a rabbit bounced right by!

He followed close, to see where it went
This rabbit with fluffy tail
All the sudden the rabbit was gone
It hopped down a bunny trail!

So Billy turned, he hung down his head
'Cause he just wanted a friend
When suddenly he saw a she-bear
Alone in the meadow's end!

He pranced right up and then said, "Hello,
Would you like to play with me?"
She gladly said, "Oh, yes dear I would."
Best friends they would always be!

Billy and she played through the whole day
Chasing each other around;
Laughing and talking so merrily
And rolling upon the ground!

Every spring you can find them there
They meet there in the meadow,
She has become his beary girlfriend
And Billy is her fellow!

Melissa Sanders 02-22-2005

Galoo's Meadow

The baby cows bucked and ran around;
While puppies chased their tail
And the chickens, they pecked on the ground
As lambs drank from a pail.

The farmer, on tractor, hauled some hay
While hound dog Gruff did sleep
The ponies, so gently, did they play
Bahhh went each little sheep!

Flowers sprang up most every where
Bees buzzed around each one
And on this farm there wasnít a care
No, not a single one!

Around in circles butterflies flew!
Green, purple and yellow;
Itís springtime now and everythingís new
Here in Galooís Meadow!

Melissa Sanders 02-22-2005

Melissa is my youngest of two daughters, and very talented.

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What is that creature, anyhow
Standing upright on a sow,
Jumping, climbing, eating rope,
Dirty clothes and laundry soap?

Piercing eyes are watching you
Seeing everything you do.
Taking clothes down off the line,
Chewing that new dress of mine.

Looking down from the hightest spot,
Whether it be safe or not;
Quickly up on top a car,
Pile of dirt or tractor tire.

Oneís a very smelly Billy,
Quite inquisitive, often silly;
An impressive beard above his throat
Eyes that glitter with a gloat.

By the baby thatís a nanny,
When last seen was chasing granny,
Chasing her up on the porch
Received the butt end of a torch.

Ever in some kind of mischief
Gnawing on somebodyís kerchief,
But gives milk thatís good to drink,
Or making cheese in a wink.
Joyce Guy

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The Educated Frog

 by Joyce Guy



Ned caught a frog, put it in his pocket,
And went off to school one day;
And when things got boring, took it out
To let little "Jumper" play.

Jumper took a great long leap
And landed on Mary's head;
Mary let out a wail and a screech,
And out of the class room fled.

Jumper bailed out  as Mary ran by
And he plunged down Julie's collar;
She dropped her books, toppled the desk,
 When she began to run and holler.

Then Jumper made his master move
And launched to teacher's desk,
Where he chirped his fright with all his
might As he landed on teacher's chest.

Now Ned sits in the school room corner
With a smile and the dunce cap on;
And Jumper calls "Come and join Me"
Outside from a great big pond.

"Aren't you glad you are not me,
That your life is not so sleazy?
 So when you are through with me
Please let me down real easy.  "



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