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Irwin Owners Homepage

Welcome to the Irwin Sailboat Owners Homepage !

This is the port-o-call to send the Irwin Sailboat owners that you meet out on the briny and here in cyberspace.

You can introduce yourself to other Irwin owners on either of the TWO Email Groups, to exchange ideas and information about upgrades and share favorite sailing destinations.

Sailirwin at Yahoo is a place to ask about Irwin upgrades and repairs and is an archived email group we try to keep focused onIrwin/sailing/repair/maintenance/destination type topic (not for social banter). You can access Sailirwins essages three ways: 1) read on web 2) individual emails 3) daily digest (a single email with all of the days emails) When suscribing to Sailirwin at yahoo you are in control of the volume of mail sent to you.

Sailnets Irwin email list is very active high volume and more social list. (unarchived but topic searchable) you will get lots of mail on this list !

On either list share what works great or what has been a disappointment in your application of equipment upgrades to your Irwin sailboat.

HELP! Many present Irwin owners are the third or fourth owners and have no basic literature or spec sheets for their hulls. Future plans will be to link pages with length/model/year info to this site. If you have original sales brochures /spec sheets for your Irwin Please post specs or brochures at sailirwin at yahoos file section. share your submission with a mail to sailirwin yahoo group.

See the Irwin Specs Index

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Do it yourself lifelines

To find a pumpout near you Dial 1 800 ASK FISH