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From: Bruce
Date: Mon, Nov 12, 2001,
To: captkeywest
Subject: Re: Stove Parts

We are located in North Dighton, Massachusetts. Our line of stoves is under the trade name of TASCO. Many of our parts are adaptable to SeaWard, Shipmate, Kenyon, and HillerRange stoves. Our web site is http://www.t


A and H Marine Stove Repair

contact A&H


Some Force10 stoves use pressure diesel...
here is Force10's FAQ page -----------------------------------

Thanks to Beneteau Library for hosting Origo and Electrolux Stove info:

Origo Non-pressurised stove Instructions,
find jpeg illustrations at bottom of page
Instructions for Origo 1500 and 3000 alcohol stoves

Exploded diagrams and spare parts list of the following Electrolux stove models: LT1, LT1A, LT1AB, LT1B, LT1BC, LT1C, LT2 French & English versions. This is a large (800K) document, it will take some time to download over modem connections. Requires Word 97 or later to open. Title:El ectro lux stove spare parts manual



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