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Tribute to Elvis

Elvis with his mom and dad
Hello, I am glad you came to see my page that I had to make for Elvis. I have loved him so long that I can't even remember the first time I heard him. When I was a little girl, my dad had a local band. Him and his best freind would play all night long, and most of the songs were Elvis songs. I guess that is why I love him so, even today. They once even went to see Elvis in concert a few years before he died. They took photos, but none of them were good enough to show here.
Elvis in red Elvis Elvis in green
I have many of his tapes, CD's, records and other things that has been made in his memory. I am only 33, so I was quite young when he died. I sadly say, that I have never gotten to Graceland, but one day I would love to go.
My teen years were filled with playing his songs over and over. One of my favorite songs that he sang is Danny Boy, those pipes were always calling me to listen. I do prefer the songs of his from the 1970's, his "Vegas Years" they were called.
Elvis in gold Elvis with guitar Elvis in Army
So, I have brought together some of my favorite photos taken from my magazines and a calendar. I hope you will take a peek and enjoy them as much as I do. When I lived at home with my parents, my room was covered with poster and photos of Elvis. I still have those posters, but they are put away.
GuitarOne of my favorite photos, from HawiiGuitar
My favorite movie of his was "Loving You". The scene where he goes to the grave site, just makes me cry like a baby. I love his white and red outfit in it and have found a nice photo of it.
Elvis in Loving You
I remember where I was the first time I heard that he had died, August 16, 1977. I was 12 years old, and it was a Sunday. I was at my grandmas that day, we always had Sunday dinner with her. I was in the yard with the other kids and we were called over to the house, we listened to the TV tell us the bad news, although at the time I didn't really know how famous he was or what death really meant. But I knew it was a point in time that was very important.
Elivs' grave at Graceland
I still play his music and know alot of the songs by heart. I often wonder if when he sang some of those sad songs, if he really felt the sadness. I guess the only ones that know that are the ones that knew him personally. So here is my tribute to a King of some really great music. Thanks for coming and visiting with me and Elvis.
Elvis at the piano Elvis at 68 comeback Elvis in Hawii

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