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This just in!!!! The boys are releasing a 3 song EP on July 15th!!!! Look for it on the Doghouse Records label.

The Get Up Kids are comprised of the likes of Ryan Pope, Jim Suptic, Robert Pope, and Matthew Pryor. This Kansas City foursome has stirred quite a bit of excitement with their latest CD, Four Minute Mile, on Doghouse Records. A punk rock record that goes beyond standard "emo-rock," Four Minute Mile is chock full of crafty tunes like the clever "Don't Hate Me," and "Fall Semester." They rocket through the songs on their first full-length LP, and the College Music Journal describes their lyrics as "heart wrenching, neck-busting tales of uncertainty and lost love."

It seems as though The Get Up Kids have found their niche with Doghouse Records located in Toledo, but they have also had releases on labels such as Contrast (Loveteller - March '97), Second Nature (split 7" w/Coalesce), Tree Records (split 7" w/Braid), and their first release was on the mysterious Huey Proudon in May '96. No matter what label they are with, their music is beginning to open eyes and strengthen rock as a whole.

The band counts Weezer,the Pixies, Public Enemy,the Rachel's, the Counting Crows and Howard among their collective influences. "We loved 'em in Columbus, Ga." Ryan Pope on seeing Howard play on their home turf. The band recently wrapped up a three-month tour with Braid. They will also be releasing an EP for Subpop Records, and are currently appearing on the Warped Tour.

If you like The Jazz June, The Promise Ring, Mid Carson July,Weezer, or Sunny Day Real Estate you should definitely give The Get Up Kids a listen.

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