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C. S. A.



Officers and NCOs of Co K

James Thomas Hamilton, -Captain

David P Wilson,.- lst Lieutenant

Adam S.Wilkerson, - 2d Lieutenant

James D Young,.- Jr.2d Lieutenant

William A Peebles,.- 1st Sergeant

Olin A Young,.- 2d Sergeant

Jerry C Smith,.- 3d Sergeant

John O Wiley.- 4th Sergeant March 4, 1862 . Elected Jr.2d Lieutenant May 15, 1862 . Dropped by order of Secretary of War March 4, 1863

J. Dooly- Burnside 5th Sergeant . Appointed 4th Sergeant August 6, 1862 . Elected 2d Lieutenant; lst Lieutenant April 22, 1863

Thomas R Burnside,.- 1st Corporal

N. B Lazenby.- 2d Corporal

Thomas H. C Collins,.- 3d Corporal

William H Megahee,.- 4th Corporal

The Enlisted Ranks


Adams H. D,.- private

Adams Jesse private

Baker Berry C.- private

Baker George W.- private

Bennett Thomas C.- private

Blanchard. Reuben T - private Appointed 2d Corporal May 1863

Blackstone, H. C.- private

Binion Dorsey W,.- private

Bohler Calvin H.- private

Bohler William Henry - private

Burnside James P,.- private

Borroum, Virgil M. (or Boreuem)- private ,Appointed 1st Sergeant June 29,1863

Bosworth, J. H.- private

Burnside, James P.- private

Cason, David W.- private

Christman, Joel (or Chrisman)- private

Collins, James M.- private

Crawford, G. C.- private

Crawford, Prince A.- private

Crawford, Robert B.- private

Crawford, R. C.- private

Culbreath, Louis M. (or Lewis M.)- private

Culbreath, Thomas- private

Downs, W. W.- private

Fulbright, Green L.- private

Fulbright, John A.- private

Granade, Andrew Jackson- private

Granade, A. R.- private

Granade, George- private

Granade, William- private ,Substitute for D. B. Johnson.

Hardin, E. A.- private

Harris, James Polk- private , furnished James Murphy as substitute

Hayes, A.- private

Hays, James B.- private. Appointed 3d Corporal April 1, 1864 .

Hobbs, John A.- private. Appointed 1st Corporal April 1,1864 .

Hobbs, J. P.- private

Hodo, James P.-private

Holliday, James A.- private

Holliman, Joel T.- private

Howell, Augustus L.- private

Howell, Berry E.- private

Huff, Andrew J.- private

Huff, T. C.- private

Huff, Winder H.- private

Huff, W. J.- private

Hughes, James T.- private

Ivey, Hezekiah- private

Ivey, Randall (or Randolph)- private

Ivey, Thomas W. F.- private

Jenkins, Rolla- private.

Johnson, David Booker- private furnished William Granade as substitute

Jones, Minor R.- private

Knox, Robert H.- private

Lambert, S. C.- private

Lambkin, William B. (or Lamkin)- private

Langston, Franklin D.- private

Langston, James A.- private

Lansdell, Jesse P. (or Jesse T.)- private. Transferred to Co. K, 16th Regiment Ga. Inf., in exchange for W. T. Tankersley, July 20, 1862 .

Lasseter, Roderick W.- private

Lassiter, Thomas C.- private

Luke, John G.- private March 4, 1862 . Died at home in Ga. April 13,1862 or 1863 . (Born in 1830.)

Massengale, H. C.- private April 4, 1862 . Appointed Acting Assistant Surgeon. Killed at Mechanicsville, Va. June 26,

1862 . McDonald, Andrew R.- private

McDonald, A. W.- private

McDonald, Nicoles J. J.- private .

McDonald, Wiley- private. (Born in 1838.)

Montgomery, George W.- private

Montgomery, J. D.- private

Moore, Samuel- private

Moore,.W. S.- private

Morgan, James W.- private

Morris, A. J.- private

Morris, John A.- private

Morris, J. E.- private

Morris, J. L.- private

Morris, Levi B.- private

Murphy, James- private May 11,1862 . Substitute for JamesP. Harris.

O'Tyson, James W.

Parham, A. W.- private

Parham, Edward D.

Pearle, T.- private

Pearle, William- private

Perry, Humphrey O private

Perry, Joel C.- private

Phillips, Henry C.- private

Phillips, William F.- private

Prescott, James M. (or Presscoat)- private

Ramsey, David- private

Rees, Benjamin- private

Rees, Curtis- private

Rees, Joel- private

Rees, Toliver- private

Rees, Uriah (or Huriah)- private

Reeves, Charles- private

Ryans, N. B.- private

Shields, J. A.- private

Shields, Joseph M.- private

Sills, David- private

Simons, Adam- private

Simons, Andrew J.- private.

Smith, John H.- private

Stanford, George R.- private

Stanford, Jeremiah- private

Stanford, Samuel- private

Street, A. M.- private

Tankersley, R. A. B. (or Tankersly)- private

Tankersley, William T. (or Tankersly)- private

Thornton, E. W.- private

Toole, J. M.- private

Wade, Charles A.- private

Wade, Edward O.- private

Wade, James F.- private

Warren, Samuel- private

Washington, William- private

Watson, Thomas Peter (Tompete)- private Appointed 4th Sergeant May 15, 1862 ; 3d Sergeant August 6,

Watson, William M.- private

Wheeler, Henry S.- private

Wheeler, William U.- private

Whitaker, William J.- private

Whitten, John- private

Wilkerson, B. B.- private

Muster Roll of CO K
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