The Idiot's


Clockwise, from top
Glen Matlock Bass
Paul Cook Drums
John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) vocals
Steve Jones Guitar
Sid Vicious Bass (Replaced Glen)
R.I.P. 1957 - 1979

Hey, there, Guys, and Gals... I've been away for a fucking long time, but now I think it's time to start updating this site again... Me and the "punk girl" have since gone our seperate ways, but I will promise to make updates... No new news as yet on the Sex Pistols, as they have been split up for a rather extended period of time... But I will add some shit... I've got a whole bunch of shit from the '96 tour, a whole bunch more of rare, unheard, tracks which I hope to be sticking up... Also, my band Born Stupid, are looking at recording an LP as soon as I get back to the other side of the atlantic, and we're hoping to be doing a regular small indoor festival... The "Imps Festival" (as we have named it) will hopefully be taking place every coupla months, the one in august went down a treat, and nexty summer we're hopefully going to be a doing a US tour to spread our sound... and our record... Check out Born Stupid's site at There are no sounds as yet, but random Polls, and some ammusing pictures... including Born Stupid "Soft Porn" (haha) Anyway, see you soon... Michey Idiot

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