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Angie's Bulldogs

Hi,and welcome to my Bulldog home page.English Bulldogs descended from the Asiatic mastiff.Once an aggressive and ferocious beast,it earned its name by attacking bulls in combat.Which was known as bull-baiting.

This is where bull-baiting is thought to have originated from:

William Earl Warren, Lord of this town in the reign of King John(1209), standing upon the walls of his castle at Stamford, saw two bulls fighting for a cow in the castle meadow, till all the butchers' dogs pursued one of the bulls, which was maddened by the noise and multitude, through the town. This so pleased the Earl that he gave the castle meadow where the bulls combat began, for a common to the butchers of the town after the first grass was mowed, on condition that they should find a"mad bull" on a day six weeks before Christmas for the continuance of that sport forever.Then in 1835,
dog-fighting as a sport became illegal in england.

To all intents and purposes,
the English Bulldog had out lived his usefulness.However, there was dog lovers who set themselves the task of preserving them.This is the Bulldog we know today minus it's original viciousness,and a dog which anyone could exhibit with pride.

Early Bulldogs

I personally own several Bulldogs.
There is my newest dogs-Casper and Snuggles. Then my red and white male stud, Orson
Plus more that I will be updating soon.

We are Proud Members of:

Div.Vlll and The Tampa Bay Bulldog Club.


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