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I have personally seen UFO's in daytime as well as nighttime. I have also tried this method and found it to work. Here are your directions:

Step # 1

Find a point of observation that blocks out the surface of the sun while still allowing you to peer safely into the sun's corona.

Step # 2

Always use UV protective sunglasses. Avoid looking directly at the surface of the sun. It could cause blindness.

Step # 3

Setup a video recorder on a tripod and direct the lens into the corona of the sun, without the camera catching the direct surface of the sun.

Step # 4

Max out the video camera's zoom feature to infinity.

Step # 5

Monitor the videotaping. Be careful that, as the sun moves across the sky, you don't allow it's surface to creep beyond the barrier that protects the direct rays from entering the video camera's lens

Step # 6

As your camera is taping, look across other areas of the sky. Be aware of any inadvertent flashes, and cloud banks passing over you

Step # 7

There is extensive evidence that they know what you are thinking from a distance. Remain opened minded, and feel your hearts with positive feelings.

Step # 8

Mentally ask the UFO's to appear to you. As crazy as this may sound, this technique has repetitively worked for me and numerous others

Step # 9

This experience is cumulative. You will be given only as much information as you can handle in a day. It can be a mentally traumatic experience to actually witness the UFO's. Be patient and you will get your confirmation. My contention is that this phenomenon can be seen from anywhere in the world. There is only one way to find out.

Step # 10

Carefully document your findings and keep a log. In retrospect, you will see that the experiences form a pattern.

Step # 11

Once you have been a witness, you have become a member of a growing group of believers. You have learned something of great importance, and owe it to others to show them what you have learned.

I would like everyone who has tried this technique, to share their experiences with me. Thank you in advance.

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