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UFO Sighting

The first UFO encounter I had was in New York. I was the summer of 1967. I was riding between the subway car's with my friend Anthony. It was about 3:30AM. We were just out having fun when we noticed something in the sky. It look like a big Forth of July sparkler! We both found it quite interesting. At first we figured it was a meteor or something. As we continued to stare at it, it got brighter and brighter! At one point it just about lit up about half the sky when suddenly, we notice two smaller sparklers or something coming out of the bright object. These two objects hovered with the larger object for a moment and then the two smaller objects went off in one direction while the large object went off in the opposite direction. The second time I seen a UfO was in New Rochelle New York. It was the fall on 1973. I was getting dressed for a date that night. The time was about 8:00PM when I heard a knock on my apartment door. It was my neighbor. He told me to come outside, NOW! He told me there was a UFO hovering over our apartment complex.. I thought it was some kind of joke but much to my suprise, there it was! This object was a silver disk with lights rotating around the rim.. You know, the classic UFO! As we both watch a crowd gathered, somebody called the Police and we all stared in awe at the strange object.. The object was without sound.. In about 40 minutes it suddenly took off with such speed it looked like something out of a special effects movie. I eventually went on my date and returned about 4:30AM. I looked up, there it was again! I went into my apartment to look at it with a telescope. The detail was very sharp.. It seemed to tilt back and forth a bit while hovering.. At about 5:30AM it was still there! I didn't call anyone for this hour encounter. It was just me and It. Funny, I felt as if the object was some kind of watch dog in the sky.. I bid it farewell and and went to bed. In the morning it was gone!

Close encounters third kind!

It happened on Sunday morning, 1978, Sunrise Florida, 3:00AM. Where I was living at the time was a newly formed row of houses. Behind my house was nothing but empty cleared land for the construction of new homes. I had just gotten up to get a glass of juice from the kitchen.. In order to get to my kitchen I had to walk through the dining room. As I opened the bedroom door there it was.. The distance from myself to the ET was about 12 feet. The ET was about 5 feet high. A large head with two insect like large black glass-like eyes. It was gray in color sort of wax-like in texture.. The fingers were longer than human fingers.. It was wearing a sort of black wet-look type jumpsuit. Around the waist of the ET was sort of a utility belt... As I opened the door the ET seemed surprised to see me. I immediately froze. What the ET was doing was very strange. When I first opened the door from the bedroom, It had its hands raised inspecting a piece of crystal from my crystal chandelier... The message that I received in by head was, 'Don't be afraid, I am from you future, I will not harm you'. With that, the ET touched something on its belt and sort of flattened out sort of like turning off an old B&W television. The only sound it made as it disappeared was a quiet whoosh... I didn't quite know what it was.. At that time I never heard or read about such a creature.. I couldn't contain myself any longer and finally told my neighbor what I saw.. He sort of looked at me funny and sighed! He told me he had seen the same creature around the back of the houses that evening.. I stopped him there and told him to draw what he had seen and I would draw what I had seen... Yes, a perfect match!!! I put the drawing in a book and decided to bury the secret there.. About a year and a half later, I happened to look at the front page of one of the tabloids and say a perfect drawing of the ET! I year or so later I learned that this creature was called a gray!

December 1997

It was December, 1997 and I was driving through West Palm Beach Florida. My girlfriend usually carries a camera in her purse. On this particular afternoon we were just shooting pictures at clouds and waiting for a sunset picture. When I find a very good picture I usually save it as Windows Wallpaper. The camera was loaded with 400 speed film. Anyway, We caught a beautiful sunset picture about 5:45PM. A couple of days later when I received the film back from developing I blew up the sunset picture for wallpaper and noticed something strange. In the far upper corner of the picture was a UFO! Unfortunately, the sunset lighting was too dark for any detail.. However, I revued the other prier cloud pictures I had taken thirty minutes before and discovered the same UFO with much more detail.. The camera had a wide angle lens and the picture was very small. I blew it up a few times (without enhancement) See December '97. Hey, you be the judge!!

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