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True forward roll,softfeel,less turf drag.Better feel strking surface produces a soft yet solid " CLICK " when the ball is struck.In doing so it absorbs some of the energy,reducing the ringing sensation,then reboungs quickly giving the ball an extra kick.The ball is lively as it leaves the putter face.Polymeric inserts in conventional putters produces a soft feel;however yhe ball feels dead coming off the club face.With the " CYLINDER PUTTER " there is no need for Polymeric inserts to deaden impact.The sweet spot is in the dead center of the club face.Since there is no hosel,more of the mass is moved into the clubhead.The curvature of the cylinder reduces the drag encountered with conventional putters;this makes an excellent " TEXAS WEDGE " for shots off the green.The symmetrical nature of the clubhead allows the player to more easily see if the clubhead is on line thur the stroke...REMEMBER: YOU DON'T HIT A BASEBALL WITH A 2X4....WHY SHOULD YOUR PUTTER BE FLAT????????? Thirty day money back. Thomas Chancey


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