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"The most significant design to come down in a long time" JC GA.

"After a few putts around the practice putting green,it felt great to me.Particularly the part about watching my putts roll straighter and truer to the hole." TR AL.

"The unrestricted view of the putter face made it easy to align and the roll was the best" TC FLA.

"The cylinder contributes to puttes that roll smoothly with overspin." BT FLA.

"I love my cylinder putter,thank you" CB TN.

"The cylinder putter has helped me become a better putter and has taken strokes off my game." PL NC

"I have to say that this putter is the "real deal".It rolls very smoothly and the short putts were going in." AT AL.

"I saved approximately 6-8 strokes per round.Truly a fabulous product.Thanks cylinder." MS FLA.