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a list of Key West Pumpouts

In Response To: Three miles out? Can't you still be on the flats?

It seems clarification is needed on where a vessel needs to be to legally pump its holding tank when visiting the Florida Keys

Where to pump legally offshore:

Please do not confuse 'three miles from shore" with the" three mile limit" --

Here in the lower Keys, we use Note X, the contiguous zone line that defines state waters as a pumpout boundary. It is defined by , --For lack of a better description --- "Florida real estate" along the reef --the zone is three miles out from (including but not limited to) sand bars, islands, Day markers,lighthouses and other navigational aids which are considered _florida_ so to the South state waters end three miles beyond the reef. pump outside the zone)

so in a nutshell, three miles _beyond_ the barrier reef is the minumum legal distance to be able to pump holding tanks. To the north of the Keys because of the shallow nature of the Gulf the contiguous zone is extended to 9 miles out, ( must go beyond 9 miles N of gulf side islands to pump )

The FKNMS southern border is along the 300 foot isobar. When Keys wide NDZ is established, pumpers will need to be outside which ever one is further,(they often overlap)


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