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Recycling is important to the Island Communities forming the Florida Keys.

The Local Keys Landfills have been closed.

All garbage is trucked to the mainland.

Please help our Key West recycling efforts by dinghying Your recyclables to The Garrison Bight Municipal Marina. Number 1 and 2 plastics are accepted as are glass bottles.

There is a USED OIL container and USED OIL FILTER recycling container at the Garrison Bight Municipal Marinas recycling center. There is NO CHARGE and you can recycle your used oil and filters from oil changes, dirty fuel and fuel filters, Please keep those products out of Floridas Landfills on the Mainland.

Inquire at the dockmasters office about disposal of your used (flashlight/nicad) batteries.

Used 12v batteries can be dropped off at West Marine on Caroline street.

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