101 Reasons Men Suck

  1. They can't settle down. Its like they have to spread their seed to everyone.
  2. All men are such hypocrites! If you're their friend they'll tell you that you need to find a real man and stop falling for such assholes. But when you fall for them they'll break your heart just like the rest.
  3. Just b/c it "feels right" means its ok. They completely forget about your feelings too.
  4. They rub it in your face that you can't have them.
  5. They deny what they said even when they know it was true at that time!
  6. The word love isn’t in their vocabulary, only lust
  7. "nothing" is good to wear
  8. That lovely black gunk under their finger nails from always working on their car
  9. The little head
  10. Their ego
  11. They get jealous easily
  12. "Good times" are when you’re in a dark room together
  13. They make you want them over and over again, and each time they hurt you like before
  14. 20 minutes is enough grieving time
  15. their ebonics
  16. I love you means I want sex
  17. Wanna be playaz
  18. Power tools are an extension of genitalia
  19. Pants are 4 sizes too big
  20. Male pattern baldness
  21. They BS constantly
  22. The geniuses tell your best friend secrets and expect them not to tell you
  23. When they’re w/ their girlfriend they look at other girls
  24. Scratch "their stuff" every 15 minutes
  25. Smell bad if not drenched in cologne
  26. They always wanna get w/ your friends
  27. They always call girls bitches
  28. Claim everything their’s
  29. Everything they do is a competition
  30. NO PMS!
  31. Circle jerking
  32. They have to be all big and bad
  33. Always want a 3some w/ you and your friends
  34. Cuz they want their BJ but they won't lick us back
  35. ::gag gag:: (got it??)
  36. The good ones are gay
  37. Have a need to be "Mack Daddy"
  38. Toilet seat....terrible aim......got the picture?
  39. They destroy things lesser than them
  40. Take pride in their rude bodily functions

  41. They never grow up, my mom tells me this daily

  42. Leave the bathroom smelling extremely rancid

  43. They demand too much

  44. Expect you on your knees

  45. Some words that are not in a guy’s vocabulary: respect, love

  46. They don' know how to say sorry

  47. Um hi my eyes are up here, stop staring at my chest

  48. They just can't be satisfied w/ one female

  49. They don't take no for an answer

  50. They’re stinky

  51. They’re hairy

  52. They have this stupid walk

  53. We must not forget their manly tales about stupid stuff they probably never did

  54. They think that they’re just the best

  55. Guys think they're the greatest creatures that ever walked the earth

  56. They beat the crap out of each other for fun

  57. Many have no fashion sense

  58. You make them feel good about themselves, it goes to their head
  59. The way they think their sooo buff and actually a 7-year-old can whip their ass

  60. Take advantage when you’re most vulernable

  61. Think they could get anyone they wanted

  62. Have a problem with homosexuals. They’re all homophobic. Gay's are people too

  63. Love and leave

  64. Once they find out that you're crushing on them, they act like complete assholes

  65. Wait... what am i saying... they're always complete assholes

  66. Talk about their masturbation skills in public

  67. They act like they can really whoop someones ass, when they do actually fight (if they don't pussy out, which most do) they just end up like slapping each other and stuff

  68. Tell every friend how far they've gotten w/ you

  69. <=== Need i say more

  70. RAPE


  72. And they get away w/ it

  73. If you get pregnant, it's not thier fault

  74. Treat females like shit

  75. Danny

  76. Arick (gotta know these kids to understand that one)

  77. Go for total whores w/ fucking blue eyeshadow!!!

  78. If they just break up w/ a girl.... 5 min later their already jumping on another one

  79. Thay say they'll call.... but never do

  80. Don't talk on the phone, and if they do they only want phone sex

  81. Would hump anything with 2 legs

  82. Hump anything w/ 4 legs
  83. Go after girls that are all hoochified but when you dress like that they make you cover up
  84. Want u to pleasure them but won't repay the favor
  85. They'll give u their ex girlfriend's jewelery and say that bought it 4 u.
  86. Most guys eat whatever they want and don't gain a pound, its so annoying
  87. Guys only care about a girl if they're gettin some
  88. They let what their friends have to say impact them so much, it influences the decisions they make about everything
  89. When they make you cry they think its funny.
  90. Ladies, ever heard this one "I'm in love w/ my car, not her." I unfortunately did.
  91. They feel "trapped"
  92. They bring us down!!! Damn the man!
  93. Because GOD supposedley created them first, they automatically rule everything
  94. menopause, menstruation... etc.....
  95. their not supportative
  96. They think their all good, but can't really satisfy
  97. Guys take pride in their shit, literally
  98. They act all lovey dovey when they want sumtin'
  99. Hate Valentines Day!
  100. Always try to prove themselves better than you in everyway!

  102. In conclusion, these reasons are based on experiences of my own and those of close friends. Many do not apply to every male but are reason enough to despise them. If you are offended in any way i'm sorry, but MEN SUCK!!!! Go visit my comments page.

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