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Welcome to the Florida Panther's Ratnest. As you can see, I have given the site a new look for the new year. I have also organized the news and made this site more interactive. None of the sections or completely finished, so don't get frustrated when you see that some sections aren't there yet. I am working super hard and this site will be finished by the time the season starts. Thanks and come back often. GO CATS!!!!!!!

Farewell to Beezer

Pete (RN) - Today is a sad day in Panthers history. Today we lost our leader, our goalie, who has been a part of our team for as long as it has existed. He carried us to the Stanley Cup finals, but now he is gone. It is not a surprise but it still hurts. He signed a three-year contract for an estimated $11 million dollars with our rivals, the Philadelphia Flyers. This leaves us without a #1 goalie, and left to look through the free agent goalies. It is sad that he is gone, but we must move on. There is a new season ahead of us, let us worry about that. But for now, I'm going to take down my Beezer posters.


1998 Entry Draft

Buffalo, NY- This years entry draft was full of surprising picks by some teams in the first round. The Panthers having given up there first rounder for Kozlov, had only a second round pick. They stocked up on defensemen having 6 out of 9 pics being defensemen. Click here to see our picks.

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Preseason Schedule

Fla vs TB

    1 2 3 OT final
FLA   0 0 2 0 2
TB   0 1 1 0 2

Beezer leaves as free agent

Terry Murray fires assistants.

Entry Draft coverage

Terry Murray is hired.

Panthers sign Peter Ratchuck

How do you think Terry Murray will do here?