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The Nintendo Unlimited Chats.

Welcome to the Chatroom section of Nintendo Unlimited. Please bookmark this page to save you time from having to go back and entering over again. Feel free to use the chatrooms whenever you feel. There is no limit to how long you stay.
You may link MY chat's to your site if you want.
Please follow the few rules for the chat:

1. No profanity. 2. No flaming others. 3. Try not to post some thing more than once. 4. No links to adult orientated sites or pics.

These chats go under some repairs ocationally, so watch your step and report any problems. Also report any rude chaters in the non-uncensored chatroom(s).

The Nintendo Unlimited Chats...

Click on a Chatroom below....

The Nintendo Unlimited Chat.
The Nintendo Unlimited Uncensored Chat.
Dr. X's Chat Room.
Zelda10's Chat Room.