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Thanks, for coming to Nintendo Unlimited. I have spent an incredible amount of time on this site of mine and I hope you enjoy yourself. Please be patient while the site loads. There are a lot of pictures... plus a cool song i added. Song should load last though.

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10/16/01 ---NEWS---


MAX---Hey everyone! Site is going good. I'm going to start working on getting more traffic on to the site. Probably going to start talking to some other sites and requesting us linked and some other stuff. I should be getting that guestbook up soon. I still could use someone to do a article or some written stuff for me. Also, I redid the links page design now and took out the dead links.So, if you want to be listed drop me a line. Messageboards are up and lookin good now! There's 4 boards. General, Help/advice, Buy/sell/trade, words to webmaster.~Max

My heart goes out to all the people in NYC and Washington. 9/11/01

If you are interested about writing columns, or anything e-mail me at

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