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The Books of Rhuines


Check this out.. how am I suppose to ever pass this exam.

I should have been assigned another study partner. You sure do complain a lot. Do you even like this class?


Then why did you take it.

Because word out is that it is going to become mandatory as a required class next year. And from what I understand this class is tough enough as an elective. We all know that elective tests and classes are not as difficult because they are trying to encourage students to take these classes. So when this becomes a mandatory class the grading curves will be really shot just as they would just based upon the fact more students will be taking the classes. As an elective class they are allowed to have fewer failures and lower grades. It is seen as a class that only those with real intelligence and ability to pass the minimalist entry tests can take it.

And so?

And so I studied so I could pass the entry class and can take it before they start putting in the mandatory pass failure rates as they do for all required classes.

So what about that tough Zoology class? Everyone takes it for an elective fill in for Science.

Science credits are mandatory, as is Zoology for vet techs and veterinarians.

O.K. so what is bugging you now so I can get back to my studies. This study buddy stuff is really getting to me. Can't you study without music playing?

It helps relax me and this class is stressing me out enough.

So what's the problem?

How can this possibly be a math problem? This is ridiculous. Look at Dixson's third theory. PIX this is ridiculous. It isn't really even a math problem. How am I suppose to set this up or even plot it?

This is pretty simple if you look at it from the view point of a piece of pie or Pie itself.

Pie itself as a theory they say never repeats itself..but eventually it is proposed it will end at exactly at where it began which is basically an infinity problem - a circle, a cycle, a spiral. They have a computer that is doing the math endlessly so far. Some people think if you have the answer to pie you will have all the answers to the universe when in all actuality some say you will only have the answer to Pie. Some people say the endpoint of Pie is not important and some people say the end point of Pie is important to the point of sensitivity. This is what this PIX theory is based upon.

But that is just an argument.

That is the point some math is just arguments such as Logics. Often a logical argument can be logical but the premises it is based on will make it invalid. This use to drive me nuts when I took Logics until I was told that the premises can make a Logical argument invalid.

Such as?

Such as you set the argument with All Fish have wings. A sunfish is a fish therefore it has wings. The Logical argument is true or false is the question. The answer is true.

That makes no sense. All fish do not have wings.

O.K. you know and I know that some fish do not have wings. But this has nothing to do with reality this has something to do with an argument. It is the sort of argument basis that lawyers use to sway juries. But for a jury that has never known a fish and they are presented only with flying fish with wings as an experience they may assume all fish have wings such that when another fish they do not see they may assume correctly and logically based upon experience that all fish have wings. Until other evidence is presented to show that all fish do not have wings it is logical to assume all fish have wings. The logical argument can be assumed to be true until other evidence is presented. As we have more exposure to fish we can recognize that the argument is invalid such that the logic is faulty. Logics and logical arguments are based upon a preset group of conditions and follow only from there.

So how does that relate to PIX?

PIX is related to sensitivities and arguments. This is basically what you can call amorphous math or something similar to fuzzy logics but not exactly the same. Any mathematical equation is only as good to the extent when applied to the instrumentation which uses it to the greatest level of that instruments sensitivity.....Such that as one goes closer to ones destination points which were beyond that instruments level of sensitivity become relevant and important along with significant in attaining or acquiring the final equation.

This is also related to trying to define any biological or physical system in regards to math. Math in itself is just a descriptive type of language where it defines or describes the world and things around us in relative numbers and equations. Just as the numeric formulas of chemisty such as H2O defines the chemical composition of a molecule of water in its most simplistic way but it is not a water molecule it is just a description of a water molecule.

O.K. It says here plot this? How do I plot this? This is like totally impossible.

Not really. PIX let us start with a circle then circles embedded in circles here as showing the argument for P trajectories. Then run a line across it for measuring sensitivities.

circle one                           circle 2

circle 7 circle 8

As you look at the circle you can remember that from any given point when from the center you have 360 degrees. Let us set the sensitivity of the instrumentation at one percent of one degree per kilometer increase. As you see at the first kilometer you have an increase of a sensitivity of from 1 degree to 1.1 degree, at two kilometers from 1.1 degree to 1.11 degree and so forth. This is not actually an increase as it is just moving into another area of the circle and basically starting another circle with subsequent degrees of the other circles trajectories.

circle 9

So do you follow this? It's a readjustment formula.


O.K. what interests you most?


So how easy is it for you to make a basket from the other side of the court.

Oh get real.

Yeah so you are on the other side of the court. To get into position near the basket you have to start out getting ready for the shot when you are on the other side of the court. As you move towards the basket in a straight line you can reset your aim and increase your chances of making a basket. Suppose you had to use your initial evaluation of how to shoot it through the hoop when you are looking at it from the other side of the court going with no alterations in the way you are holding the basketball.

That won't work because by then I have changed positions

Ok so this is basically the same concept. Now lets say you know that your Red Headed Girlfriend is in this crowd in front of you but they are so far away that you cannot see which person is who you are looking for. So you move 15 meters towards the crowd and you see that five people on the left side have red hair. Well the person you are looking for have red hair so you change your direction more to the left side of the crowd. Then as you move forward 10 meters you see that one of two of the five people more towards the right side of the red headed crowd are females so you change your direction to move towards those two females. Then as you move within 5 meters of the two Red Headed Females you see that the one on the left is your girlfriend so you change your direction of movement such that you are moving right towards your friend and obtaining her attention. Do you follow yet?

No, my girlfriend is not a red head.

Forget it. Just draw the circles as I showed you and you should pass the test.

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