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The Books of Rhuines
Chapter 4

This one is even stupider...

Which one?


Yeah which one?

That's what I said This one is going to give me serious headaches it is soo stupid.

Which one?

Yeah one.

Oh you mean one...why didn't you say so.

I did I said this One is going to give me problems.

never meant 'Dixon's Principle of One.'

Yeah One.

(This guy is such a moron I wish they did not do student pairing and teaching as a requirement to this class, what a waste of my time.) Look it's reallly simple.

Yeah that's it simply stupid. How on earth do you write an equation for this one?

Let us take it from the simple viewpoint. Ok you can only carry so many apples in a basket so any other apples will fall over the edge and not be in the basket, right?

So what does that have to do with this formula?

Ok so how much can you lift without it being so much that you cannot lift it?

Um I guess about a 75 kilos.

So lets say you are lifting 75 kilos of apples...and another apple is added. So you can either drop that apple or drop all of the apples. If the apples were all one solid mass or in a bag you would have to drop them all because you can only lift 75 kilos, right?

Well I wouldn't even try to lift beyond my capability so I would not have to drop it.

Ok so let 's say you did not know it was beyond your capability and you tried to lift it.

Couldn't lift it so it would just stay on the floor or wherever it was...

Ok so let's say someone handed you a 76 kilo weight and it was more than you could lift you would drop it right?

If I was dumb enough to take it from another weight lifter without finding out how much it weighed first.

Ok so that is related to the formulas that can be created from this is pretty simple it is based on like the straw the broke the camels back.

Where did a camel come from in this equation now?

It is not an equation it is an explanation. It is a minimalist theory...such as to make a chemical reaction occur you must have at least so many particles and energy present to make it go...what is below the straw that broke the camels back is not equal to one it is less than equal to one and whatever is above what is required to make the reaction occur is greater than one.

Does this mean I have to study camels also now?

No just draw a picture of a basket of apples with one falling out. That should work for a graphical depiction of 'Dixson's Theory of One.' (I wonder how many steroids this guy took.)

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