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The Books of Rhuines

© November 2000 H. L. Sundstroim

Dixson's Theory.....Maximum initial velocity equals zero...

How am I ever suppose to know that concept much less do the math as fhe variables are individually dependent upon gravitational fields.

Anyone can say that stuff and sound intelligent...oh yeah I am know world wide as the person who came up with the Gravitational Field Theory Formula on which all current energy efficient space travel is based..while everyone else including me a pilot has to do the equations.

Calculus, math, alegebra...all just languages that are spoken to paper and not to other people...or computers...when was the last time that someone came up to me and said by the way A squared plus B squared equals C squared....

Yeah I can relate to that..I am pretty worried about this exam also...there have been so many people who have been cheating and they are only beginning to catch them...I am afraid if I even move wrong during this test or score too high that I will be considered a cheat.

Well don't be late and don't miss the exam. That is how the others did it...the test may not have been the same but it was the same material on the test...that is why last semester half the class failed...and that is why they have tightened up.

So what did they do to the others who skipped the test and came in later?

Took off ten points...big deal....they scored 30 points higher than everyone else.

What formula is that you are working on?

It is not so much a formula as a theory but as we all know they are working on advancing space travel and making it more economically feasible as space is just a vast waste land perfect for movement but filled with many problems.

And so?

I think it is going to be on the test and I do not really know how to work it.

So show me...I see...It is based on a body in motion will stay in motion until acted upon by another force. What we have in space is a group of differing and opposing gravitational fields similar to what keeps water in a bucket when it is spun around and the moon cycling around the earth while the earth circles around the sun.

So what exactly does this mean Maximum velocity equals zero.

Well let me pull out the other books and compare them.

Josh flips through the index and table of contents of several books and they begin analyzing the theory.

The maximum velocity that a body can move at in a multiple force gravitational field leaves any part of that body moving when stationary at zero as a starting point...even though the velocity may be greater than zero. It is simply a starting point from which all equations for opposing gravitational forces such that a body can move away from the pull of the gravitational field.

So that is just basically like setting an arbitrary standard for a one equals is just a starting point like one has on a ruler. Wherever a person begins to measure that is where zero begins.

So then this means that what zero equals as far as force is concerned is what has to be initially determined. And that by using gravitational fields very much like the ships in the ocean used the gravitational fields on earth the currents of the oceans that if one knows the gravitational fields of the less gravitationally dominated fields one can utlize the gravitational pull of certain universes and stars to increase transit time and decrease energy expenditure.

Does that basically mean that when you exert more energy to move away or to move that you are actually possibly going slower?

Yes, and possibly going faster than the initial velocity.

Has it been proven yet?

No it is just a far we have not moved that far into space travel it has of yet to be proven. Just like a fact was ultimate until some facts were disproven...neva know..

So why are you studying it?

Well anything that is repeated by a teacher once is often on a test...two times most certainly..written on the board take a serious note...

So it was repeated...I remember fact several times...and a hand out was given...sheesh I thought that was just for entertainment...

Yeah well just in case.....

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