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The Books of Rhuines
Chapter One

©2000 H.L. Sundstrom

So what are you calling me up in the middle of the night for anyways? And why are we way out here where I cannot even drive a car up to?

I just wanted to make sure no one could hear us. That is why I did not contact you by any electronic means. I have kind of just let myself drop off as far as communication goes.

Are you having another paranoia trip?

No Clyde that is not even fair. Wasn't I correct when it came to telling you all that there was a mass media generated slander slam campaign against the joint congresses and the presidency going on with some computer corporation that was under major investigation like Macrohard who had just bought up that failing television station?

Oh so could have been done or generated by any group of money hungry ratings craving group of mass media, just like they did with Nixon. Besides he was unpopular that is why he lost. So that is why this group of politicians did not they were popular...

Look it is still going on. Do you think it was any coincidence that those two U.S. planes collided over Japan. Or that 15,000 dead people voted in the Georgia elections last year?

Yeah sure...o.k. I will tell Congress and the presidency whatever you want just because they told me to. Jessy can you pull out your tape recorder so we can get it straight.

No no no! No electronic devices I swear to you I'm out of here.

Ok Felix, Jessy do you remember how to do shorthand for dictation still? So tell Jessica just what you think is going on? I think I am going to go have a smoke and will be right back.

Ok. Several years ago a computer generated campaign was created to see just how much and how many systems could be affected and invaded. The company placed in programs which could hook up computers without the owners turning them on so they could use the down time and free time just by calling them up. All systems were affected because only one program which they had created was used on all systems in the world because no one else had created anything of such quality.

The objective was to run the world because someone figured out they could possibly do it by running all the information systems. They began by trying out things to see if they could get away with things like electing dead people into office and by having dead people vote on elections world wide. When they were investigated by one country for monopolistic activities they purchased a failing television company and fired most of the humans then began doing computer generated imagery to save money and to create propaganda.

They've even gone as far as buying linking companies in the mass communication markets by creating totally bogus stock and by manipulation of the minds in charge by creating false information such as if the interest rates are decreased inflation will increase...and the congressional bodies did not even check to see if this was true or they own most of the lending institutions which most are not even US based but use U.S. government low rate loans to loan out high interest credit loans. (Felix took a deep breath and paused staring out at the great city below)

So what do you think is the objective behind all of this?

I think it is to own and possess all of which exists once it is destroyed and rebuilt..possibly by someone who hates the human race and people..especially the United States of America. I think that they all ready have space capability and are warped enough to think that...oh yeah I can go to space survive a major war...Then come back here and it will be me and my great genetics which will rule the world.

Clyde Tilting had finished his cigarette and walked back.

Oh so you do. Really, how entertaining. Do you write this stuff and share it with anyone else. Might make you a great novel. So what else do you think?

I think that they put an unempowered president in office and then told the US public that he did not get into office by their vote or by popular vote and began to convince them that they would not go to war for such a person. Then has proceeded to try to start a war. If and when he so desires but he is waiting until he has space capability...this way at least he owns space and possibly the future because his knowledge of genetics, science, and war fare along with history is very limited. He won't survive in space very long. Or even worse some computer system has learned accidentally how to think or it has some sort of bug in it or virus that is very very destructive to the system.

Have you been taking your medication Felix?

I told you I do not take medication and that I was misdiagnosed by the military so they would not have to pay me any disability after I was used by the military for medical research probably Ebola Live Virus Vaccine research. We all know this was caused by some pharmaceutical company that wanted to make more money by having a greater profit or by someone who wanted to disable the U.S. military.

Christ don't any of you ever question anything you read, hear or see on television or in the news? How real do you think any of this is. Dictatorships have used mass media techniques for years to control the masses and to bring others under their control simply by hypnotic persuasion type techniques.

Ok whatever...look we have to go we have a meeting to go to..and this is not an easy place to get to. We'll see you when we see you.

Clyde and Jessie got back into the car.

Jessie can you turn on the map locator so we can find the fastest way back to the


Where is your current location?

Three miles north east of West Bank.

Turn left here.

The computer continued to give directions as Clyde drove towards Washington, D.C.

So what do you think of Felix.

I think he is really entertaining. I think with all that creativity in his mind he should really get directed and write this down. Very entertaining but who would believe all this? Might make a really good novel...In fact I might write something like this in a novel eventually because no one would ever believe it.

Clyde drove the car slowly over a group of train tracks.

What is going on? The car is not moving. Jesse can you look to see what is going on under the car.

Jesse opened the door, got out, and then closed the door. Jesse looked under the car. A switching track hook was caught up on the cars frame underneath.

The doors to the car locked. Clyde put the car in reverse and it still did not move. He gunned the engine. All of a sudden the arms to prevent cars from entering the area and the warning signal began sounding. A fast moving train could be heard approaching through the woods. Jesse was pulling at the car doors. The train was getting closer. She looked around and found a large rock, signaled to Clyde to move back, and broke the window after a few tries...Clyde climbed out and ran off the tracks just before the train slammed into the car. They walked back up the road for a distance to where Felix was hoping to find him .

Clydes hands were bleeding from crawling through the window.

So what happened to you all?

Clyde told Felix what happened.

So do you think that was just chance or coincidence?

Look we need to get back to the Whitehouse before it is too late.

It all ready is. By the time they figure it out it will be too late or by the time they believe it it will be too late.

Do you have a car we can borrow?

Yeah I have a really old one but you are better off taking these. Have either of you ever ridden a horse?

Jesse and Felix rode off towards Washington hoping they were not too late and that someone would listen to them.

Later that day while Felix was waiting on the ridge hoping for some word of mouth he saw a very large explosion at the Whitehouse.

Always knew they should not have open tours of the Whitehouse and the Pentagon. No country usually does that in the world for the reasons of security.

Felix slung his rifle over his shoulder got on his horse and headed for the country areas and his family even though he realized chances were no place on earth would ever be safe for a long long time if ever again.

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