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Commander Cody Morgan
Chapter 5


Ms. Sundstrom

{ In a world, where everything is somehow connected to everything else, there is clearly no way to achieve true independence or freeness in a mathematical sense. } The Charon Archives

We remembered for a long time the people who were hasty, who wanted to be remembered to be the first, the greedy, the impatient. Some would materialize in the wrong place with hasty incorrect inept calculations to become a part of some inanimate object or some animal other than a higher level being capable of changing the world and communication. Worse yet would be to be lost in chaos.

The archives of experience as tracking became more efficient helped greatly. Vast stores of mathematical equations, ways to collect data energy stores anything that was relevant was kept to the best of our capability. The most difficult thing was to remove garbage and anything that was not so efficient so a garbage collector was created installed in all the programs. As we all know garbage in garbage out.

"So how did you get first up permission on when the crossing the Hated River of time was figured out?" asked Ray.

"Because my parents and their parents and their parents parents volunteered over time for these projects when their children came of an age that they could afford such a venture. What else was there for them. They were not rich enough to be able to afford to go to space to survive..all that is left as the sun is dying is to go to the past for to survive, to hopefully leave a good enough investment behind that your future generations could inherit it and go off to space or to provide for such a system that all does not get destroyed. We had evidence that someone in the past was manipulating history such that it did not repeat itself into total anhilation and destruction and most of us do not really believe in angels persay." replied Tim.

"Well I believe in God. You know when you read Jessy's works you can tell that she had some sort of higher experience that led her in all her gained and gathered intelligence to believe that there was something else. You also know of her theories that we all progress to a higher plane to become a level of higher consciousness that is capable of vast and great things if one understands the purpose." answered Ray.

"Oh yeah like I am God and I want to be God..I can see it now um God I want a space ship for Christmas..I've been a good boy how about a pony." Tim.

"Well its time to cross the Hated River of Time filled with death that helped get us to the point of no return." Ray.

"Well at least it is no longer a leap of faith to become one with the universe and energy fields it is now fairly well tried out. So let us enter the Charon Machine and travel through time across the river Styx. Be sure to carry your coin to pay the cost of the travel such that you have your soul on the other side.Tim.

Everyone who had some sort of human fear or any sort of faith always carried a coin in case they met death on the other side. You would have to be careful not to loose it and everything else including your mind on the trip to the other side or when you reached there. If you were fortunate you did not end up in the middle of some great war, plague or ocean or lost in space where the calculations did not meet and the earth was not in that specific place during that time which had been miscalculated again because all the garbage did not work out.

There he was looking at Jessy. He could not believe it. Remembering everything he had ever read that had ever been written about her. She had absolutely no interest in her. She was exactly as they said wild, empty headed, heartless, absent spiritually, in every aspect every bit the animal they had claimed she had been and grown out of. Completely controlled by the physical world around her and her body. Completely brainless. Amazing such a child could grow to be one of the people in the world who would lead to the creation of Charon, a teacher of children, adults and people, someone who would teach President Clinton the meaning of Bogus, mass media manipulation, help prevent a great war, loose her health because of her own comprehension of disease processes simply because she had been such a low life animal at one time barely living between human levels of higher spirituality and being a beast.

"You really should stay away from her Tim. Commander Cody is around here somewhere and his crowd are not the type you want to run into. They have no problem with murdering to get what they want or destroying even the people they love or care about to ensure what is suppose to happen happens. Make sure you keep your distance from that entire crowd." Ray.

That long auburn hair flowing down Jessy's back reflecting the rays of the sun caught his eyes and Tim was hypnotized by it. The wisps of smoke curling around her face from her cigarette amazed him that anyone could do such a thing to their body so ignorantly. A pretty face with empty souless eyes. Amazing, he thought, that we evolved from anything like this.

Tim left Ray to follow Jessy home. He began asking her about sex mainly out of curiosity. She began discussing sex with him and was surprise he knew nothing about it. She found a book showed him the parts of the anatomy from a cartoonish depiction of what sexuality was all about. He thought this is so gross nothing to do with love, affection, commitment caring, simply physiological aspects of intimacy in the grossest distorted detail. He finally left disinterested in that aspect of her and life to return to Ray aware that Cody and his crowd were not far away in between their aspects of work and playing the game of life.

"Yeah she is just an animal like they said. Are you sure this is the right person? How can anyone so base write and discuss such in depth intelligent things?" Tim.

"Yeah its her remember, the digitized images. They say men would pay big bucks to just be a part of her life any where or any time when she was young."

"Are you sure. Surely nothing that base could ever grow to be such a person as one that could stop a war." Tim.

"See doesn't she prove the existence of God?" Ray.

"That's not our mission. We're here to invest. Keep a low profile and be smart about what you do and say. This is suppose to be high major construction area within a few years. The intendend objective is to make a substantial contribution to the Charon projects and to start the connection points here that helped get us here in the first place through the educational systems and larger computer networks down time and spare space in the memories. To write in the programs as best we can without interfering with time history or anything else that will wipe us out." Tim.

"Forget that stuff I want a candy bar and a cigarette - all the things I have read about in a novel. After that we can go on to work. I want some experiences." Ray.

"Yeah well you can end up like that empty eyed souless female in that house for all I care. I intend to get some minimal creature comforts and go on from there." Tim, "I'm sick of living out in the woods surely we can find somewhere or someplace to live here."

They walked down the road and heard some people laughing at the corner in a small wooded area. So they wandered in cautiously. There were a group of rather young males sitting around in a group with smoke curling around them. They were passing something around that each person in turn would take deep inhalations of. They watched for a minute and they began talking to them.

"What's happening?" asked one heavy set male handing them the long paper wrapped plant matter that had a very strong sweet smell to it.

Not wanting to look like he was not a part of the time Tim picked it up and repeated what he had seen and began choking on the strong chemical smoke he had inhaled.

The heavy set male hit him on the back and started laughing. "I see you've never tried Tai weed before. Bit stronger than what you are use got it from some GI who came back from Tailand in exchange for some work on his property."

Ray walked off. His interest in smoking had definitely been quelled by this.

Tim ended up being big buddies with everyone and had a place to stay for the night and it would lead into a life style that would steadily slowly improve as he began to understand how to manipulate the system. Eventually Ray and he would meet again as all siblings do in this life time if God is willing.

Cody could feel it in his bones. Jessy was talking to another man again. He began cruising the neighborhood looking for her. I wish that girl would get her act together and behave. She is more trouble than she is worth. I have business to do and she is always out getting herself into trouble. He stopped rang her house, she answered. She was there so it was just his insecurities again and went back to work on his projects.

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