Commander Cody Morgan
Chapter Y


Ms. Sundstrom

"Sorry you cannot go to Space." said the Ensign.

"Why not?" asked Jenny.

"Because you are pregnant." replied the Ensign.

"That's not possible. I have been on the gauranteed patch for five years. It could not have happened." she almost felt like a scream came out of her into the phone.

"Sorry the tests are conclusive. Since Nova time is very shortly after your scheduled flight you will have to make some choices soon. Only one alotment for time travel is allowed for sterile people are allowed to be sent back in time. That means you will have to make some choices because the sun is expected to super nova any time. Please call the office when you have decided. You have ten days until lift off and your replacement person alternate has been notified." replied the Ensign.

Jenny hung up the phone in disbelief. Anyone who had wanted to leave had been very careful not to have anything happen to interfere with travel to space or back in time. She had been fortunate enough to be a highly skilled proven tehnical worker along with her husband such that she was allowed to go to space.

Her husband looked at her and asked, "What is wrong?"

She said, "I am pregnant."

At first he smiled then he realized what it meant.

He said "We can wait until after the baby is born."

She replied, "Babies are not allowed to go to space or time travel."

He looked at her and asked, "Do you remember the phone call we had where those people were trying to buy our space travel with time shares?"

Jenny replied, "Yes."

He replied, "It is enough that you can go back and invest some more such that I can locate the account and come back afterwards. We can have the computers covered so they do not catch that you have not been sterilized or are pregnant."

Jenny said, "If we are caught we can be put to death."

He replied, "I have some friends they will do it, they are all ready there and one of them lost his wife. He needs a sitter really badly he was left with three children. No one will notice we can just say you are a relative to this man. He is so distraught he will never realize that you do not have papers or anything else."

Jenny looked at her husband and just nodded her head sadly. Who would want to go back in time to such an animalistic group of uncivilized murdering people. After the great plague everyone who had such weaknesses had died. All that was left were the people who were wise enough not to get involved with things like serious drug abuse which tapped the energy in the body or any of the Biblically listed deadly sins. She knew that they were about to go back to right before the plague and she was not interested in living during that time because it was a very dangerous time. But it was the only time that was pretty modern when people could be slipped into the system without being caught very often. He got up and said, "I have to go speak on a secure line outside, I will be right back."

Sam walked outside linked up the secure line and contacted the people whom he was not really sure who they were. There was an answer on the other line and a computer came on. He said to the computer, "We are ready to make the deal."

The computer replied, "Your job, security papers, and all necessary documents will be prepared. Your wife will be sterilized after the child's birth. As to the child being sterilized we may not be able to arrange that. You have a place in history that is secured and prepared. You will have to make good with your commitment to the military objective any mistakes and you will be removed from history and replaced."

The computer hung up and Sam sat down a short while. Even though he knew he had decieved Jenny and gotten her pregnant so they could go back in time he felt slightly bad about it. He knew the probability of survival in the last built ships was very low and that death in space was not good but Jenny did not want to live in the past.

Jenny was sent to the time travel system and walked right through without any glitches. She turned up on the doorstep of Commander Cody right on time. He picked up a bag and handed it to her. He said "You are not to associate with the woman across the street and are to avoid any contact between her and anyone else in this house and you are not to ask any questions why?"

She said to him, "I need to use the facilities."

He walked her into the house and showed her the restroom.

She walked in and turned around then asked, "Where is the vacuum system?"

He looked at her and then explained everything. After she was finished he asked her, "Didn't they give you the time date history manual to study?"

She replied, "No."

He asked, "Why not?"

Jenny began to get scared and said, "It was an emergency situation they needed someone more qualified to take my place on the ship so we had to switch."

"Oh great. Well at least where we are placing you there is enough distress and problem he will not notice. Just get him off to work as soon as possible and things will be fine. I will send over people to educate you as much as possible. Just do not do anything you do not understand and be quiet as much as possible." he looked at her in disbelief and thought this is not getting any better the faster they send them through the worse it gets and I am running out of places to put them until they are in the system.

A few months later the man she was baby sitting for found another sitter and she went off somewhere else where Commander Cody would not find out she was pregnant. Cody went over to check occassionally to see if things were going well for her because he was worried about her being discovered and causing problems.

Things seemed to be going well so he stopped dropping by. Jenny and her husband were able to relax and hid in the system as well as they could even from Commander Cody. I suppose Commander Cody turned a blind eye to many things because he did not like terminating lives that were not suppose to be here and that was a part of his job. So miraculously no one under him ever messed up and he had a really good record so he kept moving up the ladder. He just had so much work and many people had opted out of going to space and traveling back. Many had too many genetic, mental and health problems to be allowed to do either so they were just going to supernova with the sun in all probability. So he needed warm bodies so he made sure he got them so he could reach his objective which was to make sure all of humanity did not die in the coming plagues.

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