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Commander Cody Morgan
Chapter 4


Ms. Sundstrom

"So what are you going to do this week to Jessy for entertainment?" asked Cody's friend with the damaged eye.

"I think we will just go into her work. I won't talk to her in case she recognizes my voice. All I have to do to both of us is fix ourselves up to look like half Japanese half American Navy men. Everyone there is Navy, it is smoky, it is dark, it is noisy. You do all the talking she will just think I do not speak fluent English." replied Commander Cody. "Navy can't have changed that much in the future to be much different in the past - you know how stuck in the mud they are about everything. So we just go in. Check it out. See what kind of person she is. What her job is really like you know strip halls often they have these back places where stuff goes on that is illegal like drug dealing and so forth. I want to know if she was a honorable as she claimed all those years and if the reason she worked in such a place has any validity. All you have to do is watch her for awhile."

"So what is your name?"

"Um Roger pretty generic kind of name someone from over in Japan would pick pretty fast when coming to America. And you can be Mike as usual." replied Commander Cody.

"You know you can get into trouble for misallocating time funds for personal business." Mike warned.

"Come off it. I have to validate that anything she said was true before I get involved in helping her and fixing the problems that have happened because someone has been breaking the rules according to what she said." CC

"You know that is not the truth. You have been using me for years to aggravate and manipulate her because you have some sort of personal interest in her." M

"Just shut up and lets go in." CC

They walked into the Broadway completely unaware that they were walking into a Lebanese Mafia Futures Investor establishment and Jessy was involved with the boss without knowing it. At one time during the Vietnam war the upstairs had been converted into a house of prostitution. A movie had been done using the establishment at one time and the boss was in the movie with a monster mask on to conceal his identity. What they also did not understand is that the boss was also a futures investor Seal from the Navy who did ship pilot rescue in the most dangerous of situations and no one to mess with. Unaware of the exact nature of the past and the dishonesty of a world that had long since disapeared into the far reaches of space they entered the establishmen to be amazed to see beautiful young bodies walking on a stage flirting away with scared, lonely Navy men who had been away from their wives, families and girlfriends (if they had anything at all besides the Navy).

They walked in looking all clean pressed and shiney like a new silver dollar coin right off the press at the mint.

Jessy took one look at Roger and thought what a nice looking well mannered man. Too bad my companion living off of me is not as decent. Little did she have any idea it was Cody up to his same old tricks. Any time he thought she was involved deeply he would do something to set off a problem. Never have a relationship or a marriage that would work ever. Never let her know he had not been killed and that all he wanted was to never be forgotten, when it fit in his schedule.

People who love other people do not play games, they do not lie, they do not cheat, they do not manipulate to get what they want..they want what is best for all concerned. The objective with Roger was to win not so much to be loved but to get even even if it cost all of his life all of his reality all of his future simply because he could not believe that anyone would ever be so naive so ignorant so supportive of a system he had learned to had absolutely nothing to do with love just possession,ownership, destruction rather than allowing another person to be happy and make free choices. This was control and being in control even if it cost everyone dearly. So much was the desire to be in control to be the strong person that it possessed him completely. The jealousy the envy for what and of what he did not understand. The all possessing desire to never be outdone again all directed against one small little girl who would change all of destiny and the future once she realized that he had come back not because of his intense love and desire for her but out of the need to return to be repaid in full for the sins of his ancestors who stole lied and manipulated to get what they desired from those who did all the work and never got any reward or recognition. Cody would be trapped and never believe it. One day he would actually love her but it would be too late for he had played the game too long and he never would have believed it.

For these reasons Time Travel was outlawed because all of the future could be changed for the better or the worst. The systems that existed began to track down violators and punish them such that time began to correct itself. Those who had schemed to make immense amounts of money on the systems began to be incarcerated such that they lost all of their energy and stopped existing for all of eternity and those who were not caught simply eventually ceased to exist caught in a vicious cyclic circle of nothingness eventually and never realizing they were on the other side of the mirror looking out at reality and now only a reflection of what was what will be and what could have been all because of their being consumed by the seven deadly sins.

This book and the stories have been completely changed. The choices that Jessy made when she became aware of what was going on changed. She watched and waited very carefully. Took more time than she understood was going to happen. Decided that she wanted a better future and did other things. And the people she finally realized were not magic she slowly but surely began to find ways to eliminate them simply by not writing what they said she would write. Not doing what they said she would do. By taking her time and doing it some other time or doing something better. And the world around her and the people who were obviously thinking only of themselves slowly began to disapear.

I have considered not writing the book at all but I think as it is I will make sure that anyone who is stupid enough to come back and think they can play God they know exactly what happened to Commander Cody who was eventually consumed by his sins and was lost in purgatory or hell to no longer exist as a warning to everyone. He has no idea that he is lost or where he is. He simply keeps saying to Jessy he loves her because that is all he ever really wanted was to be loved and he had no idea just exactly what love is all about just control, greed, possession, lust..nothing else.

Roger walked in looked around Jessy was up on the stage. He paid to see her alone several times and to speak with her mainly to see if the entire operation was legal and above board. He had no eyes for anyone else. Desired no one else. When she would leave he would go out and watch her. Often run up and say things to interfere in her life such as are you still living with David because he did not understand the nature and lonliness of such a life. Where men used the women and got attention for a dollar tip instead of for effort and true investments which required time and caring to develop a relationship. They sold absolutely nothing for something, a genetically stimulated response. A smile that would give a genetic response to a man for a dollar or more tip. A flirtatious look that had not been earned because of a genuine interest but simply for survival economically.

The girls here if they had anyone who truly loved them or cared about them would not have been here. Jessy had ended up here after her father began trying to have sex with her as a teenager and cornered her several times. Her friends there had men living off of them, children to support alone, no education were illiterate but cute..some had drug problems but these women usually ended up eventually out on the streets walking out for money and no one would look out for them because a drug whore is worthless to anyone including a pimp who would have protected them to some extent on the streets at least for the money they brought in to help support his business.

These were the forgotten pretty young women of a world of neglect and abuse. A living hell that no civilized upright human being could understand. One where people hid in their drugs, alcohol, sexuality, anything to avoid dealing with the suffering around them they could not find a way out of. Jessy smoked heavily and did not drink or do drugs. But tobacco is a powerful drug some say as powerful as heroine and more addictive. She never saw it as a drug because it was legal. Everyone did it when she was young and they had just found out very shortly after she began smoking that it was bad for your health. She began trying to quit after that but as children of smokers tend to smoke..she followed in suit as she had been exposed to such all her life without being told not to smoke ever.

The smoked filled bars and nightclubs had begun to take a toll on her health. She was extremely thin. She went to the doctor she was now 22 but looked like she was still in her early teens and they found beginning signs of cancer. She got treatment which stopped it from spreading. She quit and went home to her fathers house. Worked very hard to quit smoking, began exercising, began trying to be like the man she had admired in the nightclub all that time who reminded her of herself. When she fell in love no one else appealed to her. He did not smoke he did not drink he did not do drugs, he was clean looking with good standards from what she could tell. Little did she know it was Cody playing another one of his stupid games with her to get her attention.

Roger and Mike dressed up and made themselves look older. Mike fixed himself up to look like a mother, Roger like an older man. They drove up in the Rolls Royce and went into where Jessy was working.

The next time Jessy saw Roger she asked him about his parents and realized that the people who came to where she worked were probably his parents. He seemed like he came from a fine upstanding well to do family. She said to Roger, "Some day you will meet a nice woman Roger." She never saw Roger again. On that day Jessy showed that she really loved someone. She knew that probably she may never quit smoking, that she may never get out of this environment. That Roger probably had no idea she was living with someone simply because she was afraid to be alone because it was unsafe and the lonliness would lead to a more promiscuous life style than was safe. So she would find someone to care about hold on as long as she could until it became unbearably terrible and then she would leave to go on to another disasterous relationship. This was a world filled with people who had no idea what it took to have a relationship..they always wanted a pretty face, a happy girl no problems no conflicts never wanted reality which required understanding being able to cope with someone who was having a bad day and needed to be helped or cared about. The need to keep smiling even when her heart hurt would make her face hurt so much at times because the grief inside and misery exceeded the need to survive economically. The desire was always to make enough money she would not have to come back very often to work.

Roger who was not really real walked out. Passed through another phase of the life of a woman he thought he loved but had no idea what love was all about. Looking for answers looking for reason looking for meaning in a world that had become meaningless and empty to him he came to the past after reading a book about a fictional character he found out was real. The problem is he forgot that history is always rewritten for various reasons such as propaganda, personal perceptions and prejudices or simply for economic gain. She had been made larger than life and not real. He wanted to be something important when in all actuality he would become something worse than famous or important he would become another lost soul based upon the choices he made in his life.

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