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Commander Cody Morgan
Chapter 3


Ms. Sundstrom

His hair looked like sunlight when he walked into a room as the light blonde color reflected the lighting. His smile and perfect teeth brightened up the world when he flashed it. Fair complected from spending many years traveling and working he would tan readily and easily if time permitted and he chose to take the time.

He sat across from his friends trailer waiting for her to show up. As soon as the young girl much too young to be involved with a man the age of his friend and neighbor showed up he walked over and knocked on the door. She reached down nervously picked up her shoes and changed them. She had forgotten them the night before. He wondered what was such a pretty but unkempt child doing over at a man who was obviously almost twice her age. She got up and left the other pair there accidentally thinking that such a pretty man was probably interested in the other man. She had no interest in either but they had managed to get her over there. Very pretty but very wild. And the game began between the two or more of them to see if they could control an uncontrollable young girl.

He turned the corner and he saw her. The last time he had seen Jessy was when she had caught him with his friend fixed up for a date. He had gotten mad because she still was a partier. Never to be trusted. He had followed her out to the bars seen her flirting around with the other men. Was sure she was still messing around on him. He knew that she had grown up since she was fifteen and that she was not so much into physical aspects of a relationship. But he also could see that she was not to be trusted. Maybe now that she had been apart from him for eight months and not gone, out which he knew because he had been checking on her to see how much she missed him, she would behave. Eight months is a long time for a young girl to not go anywhere or do anything. All she had been doing was yard work. She had stopped going out to the bars. Shoot over shot where she was at...have to turn around.

"Jessy Jessy here get in the car." Jessy jumped in the car with her friends many of whom were men.

Cody thought well it's the same girl she hasn't changed. She saw me and does not care that I am here. Well I will just fix her for good this time.

The next day Cody sent a friend into Jessy's school bus. He sat down next to her and said, "Did you know there was a motorcycle wreck across from the school yesterday afternoon. The man hit the back of a truck and his chest collapsed. He died instantaneously.

Jessy looked up at him and went into shock. She thought maybe I did not forgive him for cheating on me...maybe I was more worried about the way I looked than wether or not he finally came back. But the last thing I wanted was for Cody to have a motorcycle wreck because he was upset and hurt and loved me just because I could not find it within me to forgive him. I haven'[t even seen those people for months. I could have just stood there and waited to talk to him then he would not have been so upset. For about eight months more Jessy did yard work and went no where.

Tina the party animal user came back around. She had introduced Jessy to Cody in the first place. She was sick of partying with Jessy's younger sister Anne such that she said to her that Cody had been at the bar on Halloween and was picking up on Anne. Jessy got really mad and went out to the bar. Cody was no where around. She figured it was another one of Tina's manipulative games again where she was going to use her to manipulate other men so she could get their money and drugs from them again. Jessy sat in the bar watching Tina play her games and she began to get depressed. She bought a drink this time with alcohol in it because she realized that Cody probably really was dead after all. After awhile they picked up this nice looking military man. Jessy was really lonely when they went back to his place and decided to get involved with him as she was three sheets to the wind. She could not do anything with him as her body wasn't capable of anything after being alone so long after being in love with Cody and his death. So Tina claimed him as her companion.

The drinking got worse. The world got worse. The world Jessy and Tina lived in got worse. Tina's husband went over seas and left her. Jessy ended up dropping out of college. Her father got drunk and began hitting on her more than ever and groping her body. Tina let Jessy move in but was so busy partying that Jessy could not get out to get a job. Tina demanded money so eventually Jessy ened up becoming a stripper. Being relatively modest and very shy the drinking got worse.

Cody walked in one day with his friends. Sat with Jessy and saw what she looked like. He looked in her eyes and said to her mind to mind soul to soul. If you go with me you can sing with us in our band but you will never be very famous and the things that you do will lead people into ways that are not good for themselves. If you stay here one day you will change, quit smoking, quit drinking, become educated not necessarily smarter, and be a better person possibly change your world. What do you want?

Jessy looked at him not even realizing it was Cody because in her head heart and mind he was dead. Got up walked away from the reason she had started drinking to drown her sorrows.

When she changed and grew up finally she thought, "Isn't it funny the price of lies...eventually when they are found out they can become your worst enemy. Make you understand that people who often claim to love you haven't a clue what love is because they have never learned how to give only how to take, manipulate, and lie to get what they want rather than work for it."

Angels Who Won't Return

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