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Commander Cody Morgan
Chapter 2


Ms. Sundstrom

His hair looked like sunlight when he walked into a room as the light blonde color reflected the lighting. His smile and perfect teeth brightened up the world when he flashed it. Fair complected from spending many years traveling and working he would tan readily and easily if time permitted and he chose to take the time.

He sat across from his friends trailer waiting for her to show up. As soon as the young girl, much too young to be involved with a man the age of his friend and neighbor, showed up he walked over and knocked on the door.

She reached down nervously picked up her shoes and changed them. She had forgotten them the night before. He wondered what was such a pretty but unkempt child doing over at a man who was obviously almost twice her age.

She got up and left the other pair there accidentally thinking that such a pretty man was probably interested in the other man. She had no interest in either but they had managed to get her over there. She was very pretty but very wild. And the game began between the two or more of them to see if they could control an uncontrollable young girl.

Jessy had been beaten as a child by both her single parents. Molested at age three by someone who was in a parental role. The abuses neglect and lack of care she had suffered made her hard and unfeeling, attracted to the darker side of life.

Commander Cody looked at her as she sat on the couch and realized that something like her would never understand anything nice or caring or loving. He had no idea how to get her attention and he had read about her for many years, dreamed about her, and the way she was suppose to be. Little did he realize that stories are always fictional, translated, interpreted , and changed by the people who write them along with the people who read them based on what their objectives desires, motives, and wants were.

He never saw the scars or the bruises that lay under the skin always that had been there since probably before she was born - handed down generation after generation of abused and hardened people who had learned how to be calculatingly ineffective in all things to include love and sexuality. But to learn how to be calculatingly effective when it came to manipulation of the mind and the world at far greater things. One would never have seen the fact that such a child could see beyond her years into the misery of her life and want to avoid it but never be able to. He would never have realized that the very same woman he would come to love is the very same woman he was responsible for destroying and purposely destroying because all life seeks to perserve itself and if it does any different it ends up eliminating itself. Such that he and his friends were playing a risky game and bound to be trapped eventually in the sins they created for themselves and were created by their ancestors.

Jessy got up and left the trailer riding away on her bicycle as young adults too young for a car much less intimate contact would do. Latch key children of professionals whose jobs became more important than their relationships, children, and marriages. The ones who learned how to feed themselves and care for themselves which gave them difficulty with accepting directions, criticisms, and correction in the academic environments, which still were based on the dysfunctional leadership styles of the past and not the cooperative group styles which would lead the world into greater larger more functional projects such as the space projects.

Cody asked Michael, "What did you say your name was to her and her friends?"

Michael replied, "Oh some common local name the initials being FA to be funny."

Cody asked Michael, "You do know we are just fictional and have to go by the book or this trip and possibly our entire existance is over, don't you?"

Michael replied, "Yeah well I just want to find out what sex is like and what this type of world is like. Hey look what I learned I can smoke cigarettes now."

Cody, "That's disgusting. You know what it does to your body mind and soul don't you? Causes genetic problems, health problems, advanced and increased aging."

Michael replied, "Oh come on try it. I watched everyone. It's not really expensive in this time frame. Twenty cigarettes are fifty five cents. Not bad. I have a decent job if I can get up in the morning after partying all night and I can make the bills. Here look you light it like this and then you inhale like this."

Cody picked up a cigarette, light it and inhaled. He coughed and gagged uncontrollably, then said, "This is horrible, how can you smoke such things? I am never going to smoke another one." But it was too late that one deep inhalation had set in motion the means for an addictive type life style which he would have to fight forever because he had let loose the inner workings of his body which would forever crave and desire such self destruction sin and death.

Jealousy and Possession

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