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Commander Cody Morgan
Chapter 1


Ms. Sundstrom

It 's just a frigging story it doesn't make it real. We've all heard them before. People can take anything twist and pervert what you say with some personal motive. But the truth can be found in there somewhere if you look hard enough and long enough.

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My Nightmares

Sometimes people just do it to entertain themselves even if what they are doing and saying is not a truth and it harms or hurts someone long as they are not caught as the culprit of malicious lies, falicies, untruths, gossip and they are not punished for being the creators of such. Let us say for instance you have something that I want..if I can convince you that something else is worth more or that it is not worthwhile would you want it? Yeah go figure. Let us suppose on the other hand I have something I do not want and you probably do not want it either. If I can sell you on it then possibly you will not only take it off my hands you might even pay me for it right? That's mass media for you. That is also the time travel industry. I have a few objectives that are going to cost me to get them done right? So if I can convince you this will be the time or the love of your life you may even pay me for it. If I convince you it is worthwhile or Nobel then you might even do it for minimal pay. If I can black mail you why then I might even get you to give your life for it..that is how many people do such stupid things as 911. It is not natural to choose to suffer needlessly much less to give up your life even for another person. It is the thinking mind which makes such choices.

The mind is a terrible thing to work with when self pity takes it over and feelings that one desires are not returned. They say the best way to deal with sorrow and problems is to see another persons sorrow or problems to help them resolve them. That is probably one reason many people are involved in Charitable works. The Bible says that Faith Hope and Charity (some say this word originally was love) are the greatest gifts of all..the greatest of these three being charity.

What are you here for? Are you looking for answers meaning or reason in your life too? Something higher or just a free meal ticket maybe some sort of direction in life. The end line from what I can figure out is survival - that which survives continues to exist and that which continues to survive and exist is that which is right or more right even if the idealist mind does not think it is right.

So you say to yourself why did I do this or why did I do that..and it is because you were looking for direction and meaning because you lost all your meaning and reason in life for a short while. Everything you dreamed of planned for wanted just up and disapeared. A war came along took your world away. The perverse mind such as a Sadist or Masochist has gone so far in either direction the user the abuser the looser the martyr to the point they have become desensitized and need greater and stronger feelings that pass beyond the norms of the average person who is still in touch with that which is healthier to survival. That which is more demanding energetically in regards to genetics will drain such people until these people reach the point of no return and it begins to bring them closer to death's door.

You may say a war..I say anything that destroys the body and soul is related to such as war. A war with the body mind and soul. So here we are at a war of worlds, heaven and hell, bodily and spiritual, mental and physical. The one Commander Cody is trapped and lost in, The one I live in, the one you live in, the one that everyone lives in but does not always percieve the same. Is there justice? When you reach the dimension, if you can find it, that is called heaven if you find no peace then you will recognize what hell really is.

To suffer the consequences of your actions for eternity. To hear the slings and arrows you have sent upon other people, the suffering and pain that you have brought into this world. The world of my nightmares which come to visit me which carry with them the burdens of things which I have helped create or happen in this world.

The world I fear when my life ends where I hear the blood curdling screams of those whom I so innocently created something to make us more powerful stronger faster more efficient even if it was something I did not approve of. The world I have lived in emotionally for many years which I cannot escape where Death is a common visitor and speaks with me frequently in dreams that envelop my world. This is the world in which Commander Cody Morgan has become trapped seeking me out because he learned to love me as I learned to not forgive him for leaving me time and time again.

Would you like to meet Commander Cody as I have learned to know him and his misery his ancestors created for him? Why are you asking me for answers when I am still seeking them myself, the reasons why and what for, and how can it be. All that I have learned is be glad for the good you can get in this life because what follows may need those memories. Come into my world if you want and see if your imagination can set you free or bind you for eternity.

Would you like to meet Commander Cody as I have learned to know him and his misery his ancestors created for him? It's only a story isn't it. It won't harm anyone will it?


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