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Dirty Pair

I hope I dont get put in prison for this but this is a publication from my most favorite mag in the world ANIMERICA thay always have the latest news and info on Anime and Manga. Just so everyone knows I in no way wrote or had anything to do with the publication i just read it.

Haruka Takachiho,at a U.s. convention appearance,once described the creation of his best-known work, Dirty Pair.It's a story that almost seems apocryphal-by way of showing courtesy to some foreign guests to his studio, Takachiho escorted the visiting group to a professional wrestling match, accompanied by his assistants, Keiko and Yuriko. When a famous team of wrstlers appeared onstage, Takachiho pointed to them and said,"THAT'S THE BEAUTY PAIR," and then pointed to his assistantsand said,"AND THIS IS THE DIRTY PAIR." And so anime history was made.

The anime story that evolved from Takachiho's off-the-cuff pun is somethig of a legend by now-Kei and Yuri, two girls living in a futuristic century, work as civil servants in a government agency known as the World Work Welfare Association (WWWA), a jack-of-all-trades organization providing services of all types to the citizens of the galaxy. Yuri is the feminine of the two-vain and a bit self-centered but a crack shot with a plasma rifle, while her partner Kei is a take-no-prisoners powerhouse of martail skill, unstoppable once she gets going. Together, this Lethal Weapon-like team of seemingly mismatched personalities is more than a match for almost anything the universe can throw at them.Unfortunately, as bad luck (and their own love of heavy ordinance) would have it, the Pair tend to be exceptionally hard on anything that stands in their way. This destruction leads most people to ignore their offical codename, the Lovely Angels,for a snide nickname-the Dirty Pair.

First launched in print form in the early '80s, the story was a winning combination of science fiction, swashbuckling action, scantily dressed babes, even Takachiho's love of wrestling (aside from the DP title, based on the Beauty Pair, the WWWA is an obvious reference to the Japan's World Wrestling Association).
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