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This is my Sailor Moon page I just started this page over again so it will not be that good for some time there is alot of thing I still have to do to it but thank you for coming to see my page it will get better. SailorMoon aka UsagiTsukino is the lead senshi. As a human, she has no special outstanding abilities. Everything about Usagi is truly ordinary, with the exception of her heart. (Well, maybe the Odango Atama Dumpling Hair Too!) She loves to eat (I mean REALLY loves to eat!) sweets and play video games and chase boys (Mamoru in particular!). Usagi is typically known for her cowardice from the original series, but as the seasons progress you see her grow out of it by leaps and bounds. If there is something worth protecting, with or without her powers, she will stand strong and fight. Usagi always gives everyone the benefit of the doubt because she sees good in almost everything she comes across. In a sense, Usagi is the glue that fixes all the senshi together. Usagi is not just "another senshi" though! She is also the MoonPrincess, and the protector of Earth. It's a lot to live up to when you think about it! Heck you might even be a little cowardly here-and-there too! As SailorMoon, her senshi color being white, this is a reflection of her personality and role among the other soldiers. White represents purity (like her purest of hearts,) blessings, and it contains the full spectrum of all the colors. As leader of the sailor senshi, this last statement is most accurate. This color also represents LunarEnergy and opens the mind to intuition! SailorMoon initially was not a strong senshi. Aside from her fears, her attacks were not great and she often depended on TuxedoKamen to help her defeat the bad guys. Later this dependency switched to the InnerSenshi until the SilverCrystal was brought forth - Still, despite the Crystal, this "dependancy" still exists to a degree, as SailorMoon frequently still needs someone to execute the first move before she uses her own attack. The revelation of the true MoonPrincess was a major turning point in Usagi's maturity and potential. Slowly but surely the damage quotient of Usagi's attacks began to grow along with her transformations. In the end however, it is her Princess---NeoQueenSerenity facade that appears to be the strongest, primarily because of the SilverCrystal. As for her role in the anime versus manga. I feel that the SailorStars anime should have stayed closer to the manga version. Much of Usagi's mystery was left out. This includes the ChibiChibi and SailorCosmos ordeal. I feel that the whole Reincarnate issue should have been used to better illustrate ChibiChibi's purpose in the anime and that even SailorMoon can sometimes buckle under the pressure of fear. It's only normal after all! But who cares--They won in the end didn't they??!