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After making those three films, then getting all that attention by the time your were 18, you were with Johnny Depp.
Yeah. I was 17.

Does he still have thee tattoo, obviously?

What did it say, I'll always love Winona?
No. It said Winona Forever. We're friends now, so it's okay to talk about it. And he's a wonderful guy.

Your were with him for three...
Four years.

Four years?

And the intensity, by that time you were Generation X
Whatever that means.

Whatever that means, you were the special couple?
Yeah, I guess. I mean, apparently, we were, according to the magazines.

Did it affect you, I mean was it ...?
Yeah. It was rough on us because there was so much attention being paid to our personal life.

And your relationship?
And I was so young, I mean, when I think about how young I was.

At the age most people start college...
Yeah. And I was, you know...

Already an accomplished actress. You'd done things...
Yeah, And I was getting photographed everywhere I went whether I wanted to or not and we were very, I mean, there was a spell there where we were like... it was very... I mean I look at Brad and Gwenyth now and think Oh God, you know...it's..

You're going through what I went through, is that what you're saying?
No. Well, I don't compare their relationship to ours at all. I think, you know, they're getting married and stuff, but all that attention was really hard when you're that young, I was much younger than Gwenyth is now, but I was very young, I didn't know how to deal with it. I remember one time just... I would get very depressed about it and...

About the relationship?
About just the attention and I would... I felt like I didn't have an identity for those... a couple of years there because I was... I would just see myself in magazines, and I would think that's what I am, I guess. I'm Winona. I'm this, I'm that, I'm precocious, I'm Johnny Depp's girlfriend, I didn't know who I was, and I remember one night I was driving...

And there little Winona wannabes everywhere...
Oh God. Well, I don't know about that.

Alright, you're driving...
I was driving and it was the middle of the night, I was very depressed, and I was very lonely, I was living in LA, and Johnny was away, and things weren't going well, and I passed a magazine stand and I was on the cover of, I think, Rolling Stone, and it said WINONA RYDER - THE LUCKIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD and it had this picture of me, and I was just like "I don't feel like the luckiest girl in the world"...

You don't feel like the luckiest girl at all, and going home alone...
I mean, I felt like I didn't know who I was, I felt, oh, and then I would feel very guilty if I felt bad, like I am very lucky, I shouldn't feel bad, I'm not allowed to feel bad, I'm very lucky, I'm very lucky, I'm very blessed, I'm very blessed. It was just like this montage.

And yet, you're alone...
I wouldn't... I didn't let myself ever feel bad because I felt like I wasn't allowed to, and cause I didn't know who... I didn't have an identity - that's what happens to young actors. I worry so much so much today when I see actors starting so young, and I just know what there in for.

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You can do that, you can go back and have a good friendship with all your ex-lovers, and...
Yeah. I've only had two real boyfriends in my life and I'm friends with both of them. So I'm very lucky. I mean it took a while, but I'm lucky.

It took a while for you, or took a while for them, or just took a while to work out a relationship?
Just taking, took a while, certainly with Johnny, I think. First love takes a while to get over, but then, you know, it's great to be friends with people you were with, I'd hate...

Do you think Johnny's misunderstood at all, or is pretty much what you see is what you get?
Probably. I mean, he's such a nice guy, I mean, certainly some of the things I hear about him I know aren't true, you know, the sort of rumours, all the bad boy stuff. He's not a bad boy, he's a good boy.

He doesn't terror hotel rooms and do stuff like that ?
I'm sure he does, but you know, it's not... I don't know... he doesn't... he never causes any real damage, you know. He's a really wonderful guy.



Transcript of interview

Coming up, we're going to talk to Winona about the new film she's just made with her boyfriend, teen star Johnny Depp. Back in a moment…

So are you working on something now, or have you finished the movie with Johnny?

We finished about, actually, you know, six months ago. I had a long break. I don't have any future plans right now. Just taking it easy.

So is it…like more exhausting, more work, is it more taxing for you to work with your boyfriend or not?

You know, you're scared because you're completely exposing yourself in that way, in front of the person you most want to be impressed with you, so it's very, it's nerve wracking but actually it was really great because… and with him, usually, you know, it's long distance phone calls every night and missing each other but he was right there so it was really great.

That's good. Are you in love?

Oh y-e-a-h !

I'm very happy for you.



Transcript of Interview

Johnny Depp with whom you've made Scissorhands which we haven't seen here. He's your fiancé. Now I mean, do you get a lot of that, with the big romance? Is the romance on and off, and can you be seen with other boys, and all this kind of thing.

Well, that stuff - if you have a stable relationship then it's not going to bother you. If you don't, then it probably will. And I feel pretty stable and secure…

Do you think it's important to have a stable relationship when you're nineteen?

Well, it's certainly helpful in this business, I mean, to have some stability because this business, you tend to be kind of everything's up in the air all the time, so to have like a good family life and a good relationship with someone is pretty important to me.

Now you've got a stable relationship you say, does this mean you're going to get married?

When we have time we will, but we would want to do it at a time when we don't have to go to work right away, you know, we would want to be able to take like a nice long honeymoon and all that, so we're just waiting for the right time.

A honeymoon in Minnesota perhaps?

Maybe, yeah.

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