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The Art of the Rings
"The stuff here sent a chill down my spine"

"Tolkien for generation-elf."

"far too wishy-washy for true Tolkien fans"

An artist's view of the Lord of the Rings
Below is a full list of the images with their commentaries:

Frodo at Amon Hen
How Boromir is tempted
The Nazgul: pull of evil
The eye of Sauron
The promise of Sam
Orthanc: high but not good
Symbolism of hands
Gandalf: wizard in motion
Sam and Frodo on the brink
Aragorn comes out of shadow
Mordor: land of shadow
Death of Boromir
Aragorn's pledge to Frodo
Bilbo: time to disappear
The witch king
Lurtz and the white hand
NEW: Arwen denies the Nazgul

A meeting with elves

The Balrog: transforming fire

The hero's journey in colour

Meeting with Saruman

The one ring

Lothlorien: bridge to a world beyond

Gandalf: the risen wizard in Two Towers

Wound at Weathertop

The crown spiral of Galadriel

The secret of Isengard

Minas Tirith Tour

Innocence and experience

a secret of Rivendell

NEW: The Gallery Cafe is now open for your points

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A look again at spirals: the symbol of the elves in a still of Elrond from Two Towers in the Gallery you have a post click the spiral to the right of the page

This site explores some of the themes and inspirations behind the movies. This is not a news site, be prepared to think. The images and moments from the Fellowship are here analysed and interpreted using art theory and criticism. A full gallery is listed left and below are some previews:

NEW:Falling to rise The Rohirrim, led by Gandalf, charge down what seems an impossible drop:how...why? discover here

NEW:Gandalf and the White light Gandalf's return is heralded by a white light. See how this scene in TT refers to other symbolic uses of light in Fellowship... discover here

NEW:Soul of the Wood Treebeard is the embodiment of the wood. See how the movie Treebeard conveys the wisdom of age discover here

NEW:Taming Smeagol Smeagol is subdued but Frodo must endure a struggle with his shadow. See a defining moment analysed from Two Towers discover here

NEW:the shadow and the king Theoden is in the grip of the shadow. See how Grima captures the will of the king discover here

NEW:Will and destiny Stray into the Riddermark and you will encounter Eomer who will confront you with the symbols of his authority, will and destiny. discover here

NEW:Voice of the shadow Grima Wormtongue is the voice of the shadow, a wielder of the serpent power and parasite of the good. See how the movie Wormtongue embodies the shadow power... discover here

NEW:A king reforged Narsil will not pass to Aragorn until Strider's identity has been reforged into Aragorn the future king. See how the white tree heralds a new identity and destiny .... discover here

NEW:Emblem of her people Eowyn is an emblem of her people. This image from the TT trailer signals that Eowyn is going to be an epic figure in the story. discover here

NEW:Shadow wisdom Gandalf gives wisdom to Frodo in the dark depths of Moria. See how the cinematography conveys the wizard's mentorship of the hero hobbit discover here

NEW:Suffered loss Gandalf has fallen and the Hobbits suffer the loss of their friend. See how the loss of Gandalf marks Frodo the hero and Aragorn a true leader. discover here

NEW:Reflection on the Mirror The Mirror is more than an instrument of magic. See how the hero's wounded spirit is reflected in the water. The prophetic images revealed by the mirror contain a here

NEW:Reflection on the Mirror part twoThe hero now reflects Galadriel's temptation back to her with amazing effect discover here

NEW:Fall In the Autumnal forest of Amon Hen Boromir falls. See how the cinematography portends the end of the hero discover here

Glimpses of Gollum Gollum is the embodiment of temptation. See the visual hints that suggest how the creature Gollum will appear. discover here

NEW:Man,son...hero Boromir is obsessed with the one ring but finds redemption in his attachment for Merry and Pippin. See how the Son of Gondor learns from the 'little ones.' discover here

NEW: The Anduin: through the hero's eyes Frodo's eyes speak for themselves. See how Sam provokes a deep change in Frodo's quest. This sequence shows the change through Frodo's eyes. Another perspective on events at the Anduin discover here

NEW Sam joins Frodo: step by step Sam joins Frodo in a mystical union that changes middle earth forever. See the cinematography that shows the union of a divine power and a joining of firm friends to the end. discover here

Within the Eye Only Frodo is within the Eye. See the cinematography that places Frodo at the centre of the Fellowship discover here

The Eye in Frodo .....yet the Eye has already made it's claim on the soul of the hero. See how the dark lord seeks to claim victory in the inner battle set to rage in Frodo discover here

The changing staff of Gandalf Wizard Why does Gandalf lose his staff, gain a new one and what does it mean. Nothing this wizard does happens by accident. .find out why

UPDATED: Darker than Black Why do the Nazgul frighten us so much? Discover the power of the black gloved hand. Peer into the cowl of the darker than black it waits for you here

NEW: Leaving..... Frodo must leave the Shire. See the moment of innocence and experience: a crucial moment analysed discover here

UPDATED: Possession Bilbo is possessed. See how this moment refers back to other symbols of possession and temptation in Fellowship... discover here

Updated text and image analysis::Hero elf
Warrior and spiritual being. See how changing colours, rich symbolism and cinematography show the many aspects of the hero elf. (discover here)

New: Evenstar
One of the richest images so far from the upcoming films. This image of Arwen contains beautiful references to the Elvish world. Discover how Arwen rests in harmony with her kingdom even though she has chosen the mortal path. (discover here)

Now: Pocket Guide to Fellowship
The vhs/dvd is almost here. Are you ready and primed? AOR presents a unique guide to the symbols and imagery. There's a quick guide to paste to your tv and primers to read for when you have time. Become a graduate of the Fellowship Academy ... (discover here)

Text and images updated NEW: The Nazgul in retreat. How Arwen uses the feminine element to deny the wraiths.

Welcome to Rivendell
A pair of statues and a little sanctuary garden lead to a realisation of the amazing secret of Rivendell. Come on a short walking tour of the immortal sanctuary. (come to the garden)

The wounding witch king
NEW: updated as new images available...The witch king wounds Frodo. Who is he and what does he want? Why does he look like he does? (more)

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