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Height: 6'
Weight: 225-230lbs
Resides: Miami,FL
Quote: "And I am still ready to rumble"

I met Terry, HULK July 94' in Orlando Fl, when he went to WCW, was suppose to double in Thunder in Paradise, but show got cancelled. I did stand-in work for Hulk on the Assault on Devils Island TV movies and did some manager/wrestling with FCW, Florida Champion Wrestling, promoter Bill Brown, manager/Wrestler Cyborg, Kevin Donofrio from Tampa area, with WPW, World Pro Wrestling in Lima Peru. I did celebrity look-alike work at Sands Hotel and Casino in New Jersey, shows for Special Olimpics, Make a Wish Foundation, and many other charity events in Miami Fl and many other states. I work now for Department Homeland Security, TSA at the Greensboro, NC Airport and still do Hulk impersonations. Here are a few pics. Any other ? you can email me or call 336-315-9241. Richard Dew, aka Richard Hogan or Celebrity impersonator Hulk

A Short Video of Richard Dew