Pearl Harbor in the Movies

Pearl Harbor in the Movies

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The Scenes You See...

Visiting Hawaii you might find a lot of places that you think you have seen on the screen, and you are probably right, locations in Hawaii are often used, and the movies about the attack are no exception.

“In Harms Way,” which was made by Otto Preminger showed Jill Haworth from behind topless in a scene at Chinaman’s Hat where Kirk Douglas' character rapes her. Chinaman’s Hat can be found on the way to the North Shore on Kamehameha Highway opposite to Kualoa Ranch.

Another kissing scene from "In Harms Way," that was edited out of the American version of the movie, can be seen below.

When Burt Lancaster kissed Deborah Kerr on the screen in “From Here to Eternity,” it made no less than a historic and classic movie moment. This scene was recorded right after Hanauma Bay, and near Sandy’s Beach.

Take H1 east, and park at the second parking lot on your right after Hanauma Bay.

There is access to the beach where they kissed, from the parking lot, so if you want to reenact one of the most famous movie scenes of all time, then it is now possible.

If you contiune a couple of miles a long the same road, then you will get to Makapuu point, here you can take a hike to the top of the cliff and overlook the Makapuu Point lighthouse. Looking around you will pill-boxes of concrete, constructed by the military, James Jones was one of the soldiers who produced these.

Most of the movies about Pearl Harbor are either recorded on the Army bases in Hawaii, or in studios, but there are places like Wilhelmina Rise where Donna Reed’s Lorene’s character lives, and the golf course at Waialaie Country Club where Private Prewitt is shot.

Classic Kissing

Scenes from Hawaii that you won't forget.

The original classic kissing scene from "From Here to Eternity."

This is how the cove looks like today. Take the H1 East, the second parking spot after Hanauma Bay is overlooking the cove.

This kissing scene is a little less famous, it was edited out of the American version of "In Harms Way," but Playboy made sure that the American moviegoers would not miss it.

Here is the same place today, after stopping at Halona Cove, continue a couple of miles, after descending from Makapuu Point there will be a parking lot on your left. The road that can be seen in the background is where the couple crashed their car in the start of "In Harms Way."