Lady Sherlock presents:

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

My own website dedicated to my favorite Disney 'bad boys' :
Ratigan from the film
The Great Mouse Detective
Negaduck from the TV Series Darkwing Duck !

Don't be shy! Step right this way and meet our
Guests of Dishonour...


Professor Ratigan
Crime Lord of Victorian London





Crime Lord of St. Canard



Negaduck: *vicious grin* That's right...don't be shy, kiddies...
*fires up his chainsaw*

afraid !!! BE VERY AFRAID !!! Yaaahahahahahaaaaaaaa...

Ratigan: Oh, dear...he's off again! But let us not keep you, kiddies...we'll meet you on the other side! Just keep an eye out for my colleague here and his nasty little toy...

*Negaduck revs up his chainsaw again, leering menacingly*

Enter...if you DARE!!!



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Character of Ratigan from the Basil of Baker Street books 1958 by the Estates of Eve Titus and Paul Galdone.
Disney version and film
The Great Mouse Detective 1986 Walt Disney Co. and Silver Screen Partners IV.
Character of Negaduck and all original characters from
Darkwing Duck 1991-1992 by the Walt Disney Co.
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