Dedicated to the men and women who worked at the Ray "Crash" Corrigan Movie Ranch, Corriganville Movie Ranch, The Lone Ranger Ranch at Corriganville, and Hopetown.

If there is a link on their name, click it to see what they have been up to since their days at the Ranch.

Because of the large number of people who worked at the Ranch and the difficulty in finding them, this list is incomplete and will be added to when information is received.

Unfortunately, some of these people are no longer with us.
Gone, But Not Forgotten

Owner/Creator of Corriganville

Charlie AldrichRanch Foreman & Entertainment Director
Mary Aldrich (Stetler)Singer/Performer
Joe AllisonSinger/Entertainer
Andy AndersonStuntman/Performer
Juanita AdkinsPerformer
Ronnie AdkinsStuntman/Performer
Verginia AdkinsPerformer
"Wild" Bill BabcockStuntman/Horse Stunts
Cherokee Jim BabcockStunt Instructor
Michael "Mickey" BanksStuntman/Rodeo
Jim BannerStuntman
Don "Red" BealStuntman
James G. BennettStagecoach Driver
Mike BernalBonanza Sweet Shop proprietor
Bea BergmanPerformer
Lucky BergmanShow Director 1961 to 1965
Bob BickstonStuntman 1957 to1959
Angela BlakePerformer
Lana BlakelyPerformer
Patrick "Richard" BousquetStuntman/Performer
Billy BradenStuntman/Performer 1958-1961
Bud BreshOfficial Corriganville Photographer
Tommy BreshStuntman/Performer
"Cherokee" Jim Britt ("Dad")Performer
Michael BrittPerformer
Ray "Mom" BrittPerformer
Joe BroomeThe Broome Brothers Band
Lee BroomeThe Broome Brothers Band
Ray BroomeThe Broome Brothers Band
Carol BrownLeathercrafter
Dick BrownStuntman
John BrownLeathercrafter
"Hi-Pockets" BusseyPerformer
Ray Buzzell SrCook & Guide
Richard S. CalhounPublic Relations Director
Corriganville Gazette Publisher

Clyde CampbellD-8 bulldozer operator, 1937-1940
Roger CarmackStuntman/Performer
Bonnie ChandlerPerformer/Stuntwoman 1960-1963
Carol ChandlerPerformer
Don ChandlerPerformer
Shirley ChandlerRanch Nurse
Bob CharnesStuntman
Bill ChoatePerformer
Don ClarkPerformer
Keith CoffinPerformer
Ed ColinPerformer
Finn ColinRanch Manager 1953-1956
Peggy ColinRanch Manager 1953-1956
Dee CooperRodeo Boss
Roy "Dusty" CooperStuntman
Gary "Rusty" Cooper aka Grey JohnsonStuntman
Ruth CooperPerformer
Jesse Luther Pilot Cox
aka Wyoming Pete

Dale CrawfordStuntman
Steve CrosayStuntman
Jeannie DavisPerformer
Rusty DawnPerformer
Don DelgadoD-8 bulldozer operator, 1937-1940
Phil Di FilippoOwner/Operator of the Frontier Railroad Company
Joe DolanPerformer
Jerry DonathRobin Hood Lake Paddle Boat Proprietor
Elaine Du PontActress/Performer/Wife of Ray Corrigan
Bob EdwardsSilver Dollar Saloon Bartender
Gary EdwardsStuntman 1960-1964, 1966 to end
Larry Erickson aka Wizzer Red aka Larry VerneStuntman
Al FlemingPerformer
Roberta FootePerformer
Wayne FritsenFrontier Cafe Worker 1950's
Jack GallagerPerformer
Debby GillumStuntwoman
Jan GillumPerformer
Roy GillumPerformer
Steve GillumStuntman
Scotty GourlayPerformer
Carlos GuardadoStuntman
Millard GuyStuntman/Performer
Mark HannaStuntman 1960's
Curtis (Doc) HarterVeterinarian
Freddie HaynesMusician
Mom HendersonNovelty Store
Pop HendersonNovelty Store
Ed "Texie" HolleRanch Foreman 1950's
Curtis HoltStuntman
Jacquline HoltPerformer
Jim HowelRanch Foreman 1960's to 1970's
Randy HowellPerformer
Dusty IronwingPerformer
Jack IsbellStuntman/Performer
Vallie KeeneStuntwoman
Ernie KelchPerformer
Homer Mack KetchersidePerformer
Hank KiddHopetown Snak Bar proprietor
Mary KiddHopetown Snak Bar proprietor
Barbie KimballSno Cone seller
Joe KriegmileWrangler
Monty LairdStunt Instructor in 1960's
Peggy LaMarPerformer
Tex LambertPerformer
Jackie LamontStuntwoman/Performer
Linda LaytonPerformer
Steve LaytonPerformer
Jim LeBusStuntman
Buck LeeStuntman
Princess Little Fawn
aka Pauline Lee
Gracie (Lee?)Performer
Dick LemingStuntman 1957-1958
Bob LemonWorker
Billy LeszarsStuntman
Stephen LodgeStuntman Dec. 1958 to Sep. 1959
Betty LutherPerformer
George LutherPerformer
? MacDonaldCorriganville Print Shop Worker
Robert "Buck" MaffeiPerformer
Jack L. Mahan Sr.Foreman/Set Builder
Sandy ManringStuntman/Performer 1959-1961
Jim MartinStuntman/Performer/Trick Shooting
Melody McCordPerformer
Jack McElroyStuntman/Performer
Paula McElroyStuntwoman/Performer
Bill MelmanStuntman
Frank MerrittStuntman/Performer
Ed MichelsonFood Concessions
Dave MillerRanch Manager
Jerry MilsStuntman
Billy MizeStuntman/Performer
Buddy MizeStuntman/Performer
Ed MohlerStuntman
Jody MooneyStuntwoman
Larry MooneyPerformer and ranch hand
Bill NelsonStuntman
John NewmanStuntman
Jean O'DeyPerformer
Jim OdemStuntman
Pat ParkerHead wrangler & wagon boss
Larry ParsonOfficial Corriganville Photographer
Bob PierceStuntman
Ralph PierceStuntman
Chuck RamseyWells Fargo Stage Line Manager
Bill RaymondStuntman 1960-1966
Chuck RedmanHorseback Tours and Stable Worker
Louie RedmanStagecoach Driver and other jobs
Pat RichardsStuntman/Performer
Rick Richards Stuntman/Performer
Lance RimmerStuntman
Jack RobertsMusical Performer
Walt RoblesStuntman
Cory RodgersPerformer
Joe RomeroPerformer
Dave RossiPerformer
Mike RoyFood Concessions
Roy RunyonPerformer
Larry Strock RupertStuntman
Leo SaddPerformer/Broome Bros drummer
Kimo SantanaPerformer
Jim SargeantStuntman/Performer
Ray SaundersStuntman
Russ SaundersStuntman
Lucky SchliepPerformer/Trading Post Operator early 1950's
Chuck ScismStuntman
Jim SchoonoverStuntman
Slim ScottStuntman
Charles SedarRanch Foreman March to Sept. 1951
Dick ShaneStuntman
Donald "Shorty" SheaStuntman 1958
Ricky SilvaStuntman
Rita SilvaPerformer/Nurse
Chuck SimmonsStuntman
Barlow SimpsonPerformer - Rodeo Arena Indian
Smoggy Mountain SlimMusical Performer in Saloon and Country Store
Henry E. SmealConcessionaire (Father of Rita Corrigan)
Marguerite SmealCashier (Mother of Rita Corrigan)
Lee SollenbergerStuntman
Connie SotoPerformer
Joe SotoPerformer
"Big" Jim StellarPerformer
Lindy B StiltzRanch hand
Moses S. "Bud" StiltzRanch Foreman early 1950's
Blackie StormPerformer
Lloyd StraightTrading Post Proprietor
Mickey StraightTrading Post Proprietor
Randy StraightHorseback Guide; worked in family store
Ricky StraightStunt Performer; Quick Draw Contest; Hotel Movies
Billy StrangeSinger/Entertainer
Buck Sure-ShotKNXT television personality
Mike SwaimStuntman
Vickie SwaimStuntwoman
Richard Takakjian
aka Fresno Tack
Stuntman 1957-1961
Tony TartaroPerformer
Max TerhuneActor/Performer
Johnny ThunderStuntman/Performer
Chief Thunder CloudActor/Performer
[link is for The Old Corral]
George "Skip" TurnerTaught stunts with Monty Laird; late 1950's - early 1960's
Leone TuttleCorriganville Gazette Printer
Dickie UngarStuntman
Jerry VanceStuntman 1957-1965
Arthur D. (Slim) VaughanPerformer
Lance VictorStuntman
Don WagnerStuntman
Bob WalkerStuntman
Bob WardRodeo Announcer
Jeannie WardStuntwoman
Jim WardellStuntman
Jesse WayneStuntman
Bill WendyStuntman
Bob West (Robert Adkins) -- The West BrothersStuntman
Duke West (Roy Adkins) -- The West BrothersStuntman
Tex WheelerPerformer
Chief White Tall EaglePerformer
Bill WilliamsPerformer
Angie WillinghamPerformer
Bill WillinghamPerformer
Virgil WoodStuntman/Performer
Buck YoungPerformer
Ruby (Red) YoungPerformer
Carl ZellerPerformer/Artist