Dick Leming

Now known as Dick Warlock. He spent 35 years in the motion picture and television industry as an actor and stunt coordinator. He appeared under the mask as the Shape in the Halloween films. He is a Lifetime Member of the Stuntmen's Association after 35 years of service as a board member and member-at-large. He has his own webpage, The Official Dick Warlock Homepage.
Stephen Lodge

Steve began his career as a child actor with the film, DINO, starring Sal Mineo. Shows like FURY, MY THREE SONS, and THE FARMER'S DAUGHTER followed. After his stint at the ranch in 1959, he continued working as an actor (with a few stunts here and there), eventually becoming a Motion Picture Costumer for shows like THE FUGITIVE, GUNSMOKE, HERE COME THE BRIDES, FAMILY AFFAIR, and others. In 1971, he sold his first screenplay, THE HONKERS, starring James Coburn and Slim Pickins. His other produced scripts include, KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS, starring William Shatner and Woody Strode, and RIO DIABLO, with Kenny Rogers and Stacy Keach. Married to Beth in 1997, they live in Rancho Mirage, California, with their two dogs, Hollie (the collie) & Crystal.
Billy Mize

Billy is a steel guitar player and has appeared on television and on stage. He toured with Merle Haggard during 1987/88. Now retired.
Buddy Mize

Buddy is a BMI Award Winning songwriter, founding president of the Nashville Songwriters Association, music publisher, producer, and performer. His first song was recorded by Johnny Cash. He lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee.
Bill Raymond

Some of the films and TV shows he worked on were: DAKTARI, RAMPAGE, BIG VALLEY, THE VIRGINIAN, ELDORADO. I have also worked at such amusement areas as: Old Tucson, Knotts Berry Farm, and Universal Tours.
Barlow Simpson

Barlow worked for the movie studios from the 1930's to the late 1960's, including RKO, Republic, and MGM. He worked every odd job possible, from set to sign construction, stunt work, horse wrangler, and standin. At the ranch, he worked in the Rodeo Arena as one of the Indians which attacked the stagecoach.
Lee Sollenberger

After Corriganville Movie Ranch, Lee went on to become a professional stuntman, wild animal trainer and motion picture costumer. He worked at Western Costume Co. After leaving WCC, he worked in numerous films and TV series. His stunt/animal training career carried on in the US and Canada. Working on films such as YOUNG GUNS, THE LIFE AND TIMES OF GRIZZLY ADAMS, LAKE PLACD, LOOK WHOS TALKING NOW, RUMBLE IN THE BRONX and numerous other productions. He moved to Canada in the 1980's where productions he worked on included WHERE NO ANGELS, X-FILES GUNLESS, CALL OF THE WILD and many others before retiring in 2009. Lee moved to Northern BC from Vancouver and live's in a small community where he is a volunteer fireman and first responder for the local fire dept. His times at the ranch were fun and rewarding working with up and coming film professionals.
Jerry Vance

After the Ranch, he went on to be a full time stuntman in Hollywood and worked with most of the stars of the day while working for Warner Bros and Ziv Productions for quite a few years. He was the guy that doubled Bruce Lee as Kato in the Green Hornet series.
Jesse Wayne

Charter/Lifetime Member of the Stuntmen's Association. Stuntman/Stunt Coordinator with 40 years since I started doubling Rooney in 1959 and did do my last Hollywood stunts on Oct. 24, 1999, for the NIKE: The Day After. tv commercial.
Bill Willingham

Bill Willingham left Corriganville in 1966 to take over the General Managership of Kaintuk Territory, a Western Themed Amusement Center in Kentucky. He successfully ran this Amusement Center for more than twenty years, using all the skills he had learned and practiced at Corriganville. After retiring, Bill continued to live on his ranch in Kentucky. Upon the formation of the Corriganville Preservation Committee, Bill made several trips to Simi Valley, to show his support of their goals. Willy died in 1997, and will be greatly missed by all who ever knew him. He was a very special man. (Bill Raymond)

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