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Welcome to kramertime.

     This is the personal website of Sean Kramer.  In the event you are searching for a home page of someone who has a personality, you are lost. I was born without one.  I was also born without a conscience or the ability to self-censor myself.  Enjoy all of the featured material, and supplement it with possible reasons why I wrote it in the other column.  Relax.






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Update September 22, 2005

The Bruce Roast page is up. It is going down Sunday September 25, 10:30 at Johnny T's (tentatively).

The Whall Roast promo is now out! The DVD will be available for purchase soon. The promo can also be found on the Whall Roast web page. The page also goes over some of the highlights and who spoke.

The NEOFC commercial and interview is now posted. It has been played numerous times on WZIP, the #1 college radio station in the United States.

The profiles of most of the members and affiliates of the Northeast Ohio Friars Club are now up:

Gary | Sean | John | Kyle Wells | Angelo | Bruce | Kyle Kramer | Mike | Brad | Nick

Kramertime Productions is now underway.

Soon to come are actual information on the About me page, links, rants and finally school. At this time there is not anything on those pages. I apologize the links are there. Everything else has something to it.

So what is it wise guy? Let me know what you have to say. I'm sure its so funny you have to share it with everyone.

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Kramertime is written and originally produced by Sean Kramer.  He retains copyright to all of the creative content provided.  Of course, that would be open to interpretation, assuming it were creative.  Anyhow, I hope you enjoy a slice of my sick little mind.



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