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Ralph McCutcheon with Fury

Horse Trainer Ralph McCutcheon
Short Biography 

He was born in Greely, Colorado and was brought up around horses & always loved the outdoors. He was enlisted during World War 1 then became a ranger for the Rocky Mountain National Parks. After attending the University of Colorado he worked a few years for Standard Oil Company in the engineering office. Ralph was into Rodeos being around horses, I'm not certain if he was a rider or trick riding or teaching horses to do tricks, but for years he tried to do something successful with horses. It came when he acquired Dice then Fury. Ralph's wife is Mary Kornman, of "Our Gang Comedies". She was the original little blonde girl. They first met when Mary bought a horse and looked up Ralph to teach her new horse some tricks. Mutual love for animals led to their long marriage. The ranch in Sand Canyon is named "Rancho Maria" after his wife. 

Here is a book with more information.

The story of the horse who became
(My own story) by Lee Traver

published in 1963
Black Horse Enterprises
of Panorama City California
originally cost $2.00

Ralph and Fury
Ralph with Fury
at his California ranch
Fury and Ralph

Note: No source information on this web site was obtained from the book

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