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Eric Tan's collection of poker-size playing cards


This webpage shows my collection of decks of poker-sized playing cards.

Some of the cards are very similar in design, but they are not identical. There are no identical designs here,

the only exception being the bicycle rider backs and the aviator backs. The bicycle rider and aviator backs designs

are shown twice, once in red colour and once again in blue colour.


Cards that are very similar in design, but different are:

1. The first 2 cards in row 2 appear very similar, but they are different. Try and spot the differences.

2. The first 2 cards in row 3 are very close to each other in design, but again, they are slightly different.

3. Look at the 4th and 5th cards in row 4. The cards are very similar in design, in that the blue card has a motorcycle

instead of a bicycle (Bicycle league back).

4. The 3rd card in row 1 and the last card in row 5 are similar, but different. There are many more that are very similar in design.


My wish is to create a rainbow deck with cards that are consistent in size, thickness and when squared up,

should be flushed on all 4 sides. Also, they should be all white border cards. But I understand that this is a very

difficult task..... I just have to be patient and keep working on it.


Anyway, thanks for visiting the webpage on my collection of poker size cards. I sincerely hope you enjoy viewing them.



row 01                           

row 02                           

row 03                           

row 04                            

row 05                       

row 06                       

row 07                       

row 08               

row 09                       

row 10                       

row 11                       

row 12                       

row 13                       

row 14                       

row 15           


Page 2 of my collection of playing cards  : Click this to view  more collection of poker size cards. Unfortunately, I only have

single cards and not the full decks for these cards. You can also view some cards with very interesting faces.

Page 3 of my collection of playing cards : This page shows the designs of one of the rainbow decks I have. This deck is made by Carta Mundi.





Please feel free to email me your queries or comments: